Thursday, May 04, 2006

Racial High School Brawls, Immigration Protest, Police, and MySpace

On Tuesday this week a high school not too far from where we live went into full police, lock-down mode, with TV cameras and reporters waiting for something to happen. After reading several things about it, I got bits of mixed information (most news around here is sensitive as to not upset any one group or groups) but it had something to do with a “Racial” brawl last Friday and then something to do about the immigration protest Monday, and then something about a MySpace Posting advocating, “attacking white girls with blond hair” and “Bring their weapons to school day”. And then you have a school district complaining how parents kept their junior high and high school age kids home that day.
Yes, and so it is - the life of a public High School in the L.A. area. Although thank God this doesn't happen too often, instances like this doesn't make it better. Even though our High School is on the other side of town, parents still kept their own kids home. Neighbors with kids in the schools tell us about how fights break out all the time over these stupid things. And some people wonder why we’re sending out daughter to private school beginning at Junior High.
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