Thursday, June 14, 2007

Father’s Day – Things That I Love and Hate About Being a Dad

I was in my 30’s when my daughter came along and changed my life in ways I never (ever) could have imagined. Apparently a late bloomer in the parenting world. Did you know the average age of a new dad in the U.S. is between 20-24! (personally, I was nowhere near ready back then.)
Do you want to hear more? The average age of a first-time grandparent in the U.S. is 45! My kid will be in elementary school when I’m that age! I’ll be the old guy in the back drinking the Pepcid from the bottle. So that must also mean that when my kid graduates college (Art School...? fingers crossed) I’ll be sporting robotic limbs and maybe have an eye that can shoot lasers to help me cut my pork chops.

Now into my 2nd official father’s day, here’s a small list of things I hate and love about being a dad.

The “dislikes” (because hate is a strong word):
Not being able to find things (like my fancy little digital camera that could fit in an Altoids tin) because the daughter likes to “hide” things.
2. Always finishing off the food the daughter doesn’t finish, you know, because there are people starving in China… or Santa Monica.
3. A new movie opening this weekend? I betcha’ I won’t be there.
4. Expected to be an expert at putting together kids toys, play sets, furniture, electronics, fixing a “running toilet”, etc. (becoming a Dad didn’t change my previous status of ‘non-handyman.’)
5. Not much “mommy and daddy” time to do… uh “mommy and daddy” things.
6. The wife always spending WAY too much money on clothes for our daughter. Her reasoning “there are WAY too many cute clothes for girls.”
7. Finding crayon marks on the walls, floors, counters, furniture, those “cute” clothes…
8. Being woke up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning is just wrong.

The things I love about being a Dad
1. A reason to go digital camera shopping for the latest and greatest (how does it know what a face is anyways?)
2. Having an excuse to eat chicken nuggets, ice cream, and chocolate covered gummy bears (“It’s for the kid…not me”)
3. Not spending $50 to see a movie (like Big Mama’s House 2) in a theatre. I’m a big fan of Netflix (but not of Big Mama.)
4. Giving advice on how to put together anything without having any knowledge of what I’m talking about only because I somehow how clout as a Dad. Ask me how to build a cabinet – I dare ya!
5. When the wife and I are alone, it's a big deal and we enjoy our time together.
6. The wife not spending much on clothes for herself - which are much more expensive that clothes for our daughter.
7. Watching my daughter draw, handing me scribbles on paper, and proudly saying "Daddy! Look! Turtles!" (and I can see them too…)
8. Waking up to a little face staring at me saying “Hi Daddy!” followed by a kiss on the cheek or forehead and then maybe an “I LUV you”. I melt like butter. I swear if she were to ask for a pony at that moment, I’d buy one, spray paint it pink, glue-on a unicorn horn… and maybe duct tape wings on it too.

Is there nothing more amazing than seeing a speck turn into baby, and then into a kid - right before your eyes...? I honestly don't think so. Except maybe going to McDonalds, with Aliens, and them buying me lunch with their corporate Visa card.

O.K. what about all of you? Dads? Or Moms? (you can play too since you all outnumber the Dads by 1000 to 1! Or maybe the guys just don’t like to comment much) on what you "love" and “dislike” about being a Dad (or Mom.)

And to all my fellow Dads out there - Happy Father's Day


Stay at home dad said...

Great list, to which I would add:

Like - having a readymade little friend with all your personality tics; dislike - they know exactly what makes you tick...


Denver Dad said...

The inability to see movies in the theaters is a big one at the Denver household. Denver Mom and I used to talk off a week to hit twenty films at the Denver International Film Festival. Now? Our love for Netflix, like yours, knows no bounds.

I don't know if I would have ever read parenting blogs without having become a parent, so I really like that. There's some funny, insightful people out there on the internet.

I love that I can say stuff like "You can play with your Woody in the car" in public and it's actually innocent banter between my son and I.

For some reason, I love getting drive through with Chunk. It's hilarious.

I ask, "What do you want, buddy?"

His answer, nearly every time, is "Ummmmmm (finger held to his lips, like he's thinking)... chicken nuggets!"

The thing I most dislike about being a dad? Cleaning fingerprints off... my glasses, my tv, my laptop screen, my DVDs, the car windows... geez, this list could go on and on. I hate that.

Toni. said...

LOL! Betcha I won't be at opening movies either. How many "must sees" have become "missed too."

And isn't it sooooo hard to throw away all the adorable little pictures they make? I want to save them all, but alas I would need to wallpaper the entire house with them, just to find a place to keep them.

sourpatchbaby said...

Like- the smile I get from The Kid when he realizes I actually understood what he said.

Dislike- being woken up from a nap with someone's fingers stuck in my nose. And then being licked in the face by the same someone.

radioactive girl said...

I am not a fan of the non-sleeping part, but otherwise I think almost everything else is a "like" for me.

Happy Father's Day!

Lisa said...

That is a great list. Happy Father's Day (early). :-) Hope SUnday is a great day for ya.

Rick Andreoli said...

You rock as a dad! That should be another positive thing-- it's always good knowing you're good at something.

chanchow said...

I don't have kids, but I really like reading your blog! Happy Father's Day.

Ryan said...

I love spending time with my boys as they get older. It is amazing to watch them grow and understand things and communicate so well. What I dislike is being constantly tired and unable to do some of the things I want to do, but have to put on hold for days, weeks, months, or years. But hey, I'd take tired over a life without my boys any day.

Happy F Day to you.

Denguy said...

Happy Fathers Day right back at you. I enjoyed you dislike/like list. I'm doing mine tomorrow and will credit you like a good meme boy should.

Damien Riley said...

Yeah, but it is passing by us all so fast. I'm 38 with a 1 month old, a 2 year old, and a 9 year old. What they tell us is true . . . it's gonna pass quickly. Then I guess we'll all start grandpa blogs! If they still have blogs :) i liked your post.

Whit said...

You get 1001 comments?

I'm good with all of it, except for the lack of sleep.

I miss sleep.

charlottalove said...

I liked your list. It proves that if you look long enough, there is good in EVERY situation. Thanks.

happy father's day!

painted maypole said...

so love hearing a dad's perspective. Thanks

One of the lings I love about watching my husband being a dad, is the fierceness in which he fights for his daughter. I have no doubt that he values her above himself, and I love that in him.

Redneck Mommy said...

There is nothing I dislike about being a mom...except that it turned me into some bitter, nagging harpy. And prematurely aged my delicate skin...cuz my face is always scrunched up yelling at them to pick up their damn socks.

Happy Father's Day!

pixie said...

My reasons are almost all the same as yours! But I also want to add that I miss the MONEY and TIME I used to have to do things, like SHOP, get a weekly mani-pedi, and go out to dinner all the time.

I have to say, though, it's worth the sacrifice now, since Volcano can write "I luv yu momy" and Monkey can hug me and say it.

beta mum said...

dislike - I've forgotten what I used to like to do when it was up to me, and me alone

like - not caring that I don't get to do what I want to do. There are more important people in the world these days, and it's important they're happy

Dad Stuff said...

I was a first time dad at 29. I actually like to put kids toys and furniture together.
My favorite part of being a dad is watching our kids apply something they've learned from us to their lives.
(manners, problem solving, Hammer Time dance)

Jess said...

er, I'm not a Dad........ or a Mum, but for all those reasons you listed, I can't wait to be.

MamaLee said...

Happy Father's Day, sweetie! xoxo

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Awesome post. And happy Father's Day.

Jessakah said...

OMG too funny, I always feel guilty when food goes to waste.. because I was constantly haunted with "All those kids starving in Africa, and you're not going to eat your supper" statements from my mother...

Ben & Bennie said...

I stopped by yesterday to read so I'll comment today. EXCELLENT LIST!!!

I remember giving cheesy "handmade" things to my dad when I was small. I'm getting them now from my daughter. Interesting how cheesy turned into treasure.

Jenster said...

Happy Father's Day!! (a little late)

I love, love, LOVE, having two extra people - who I love more than life itself - to give me hugs and tell me they love me and I'm the best mom ever. Even if it's not true, at least they think it.

I strongly dislike having to be not only their chauffer, but their friends' chauffer. The alternative, however, is a house full of kids. YIKES!

carrie said...

What? You didn't care for Big Momma's House 2? Can't imagine why. . . :)

Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day complete with a little sleeping in!


creative-type dad said...

carrie - I think Big Mama was overlooked for an Oscar.

Ben & Bennie - My garage is going to be full of boxes, I just know it.

Jessakah - Totally know what you mean, I think that "We are the world" song planted that in my mind.

Dad Stuff - I can't wait for that part.

Damien Riley - Grandpa blog...!?

h&b said...

Your lists are just too gorgeous.
We have Father's Day in September here, so feel free to reward yourself with a pat on the back again when the time comes ...

P.S. - Granpa at 45 ? I think those stats were taken in trailer parks, yes ?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...that's a good I know for next year, just to get you gummy bears, soaked in chocolate. I'll keep them in my pocket to keep 'em warm for ya.

Big Mama

(don't make me come down there and slap ya upside the head -- watch my movie!

wayabetty said...

Being a new mom for the 4th time, it still feels like the first time for me. They are such a joy (when they don't bicker) and I'd never thought of possessing so much love for all of them. I just wish that there were 4 of me for each kid.

creative-type dad said...

Big Mama (Robert) -- If it comes from the pocket, it better be a chicken wing.