Sunday, May 15, 2011

Minimum Age to Have a Baby?

My daughter has been asking all kinds of curious questions lately.

I’m not exactly sure what’s sparked the interest these past few weeks - maybe kids just get extra inquisitive towards the end of the school year. I keep wondering if, while they play around in the sand discuss things like, “What do you think Microsoft is going to do with Skype after the acquisition?” Or “What about those Medicare costs?” or maybe even, “Why doesn’t your Dad like the Beatles or Kevin Costner?”

All easily answerable, but yesterday she threw me through me off a bit:

Daughter: “Daddy, when can I have a baby?”

I stopped for a second, literally put my index finger to my chin, and looked up as if the answer where written somewhere on the ceiling.
My immediate thought was definitely not like most of my cousins on my biological mother’s side of the family – but we see them on occasion and that would be really awkward if she happened to say anything about that conversation.
While waiting she followed up with something more specific:

Daughter: “Like, how old do I have to be?"

Me: “At least 30. And you have to have graduated from college, have a good job, and be married to somebody I say is OK to marry. All in that order. Now let’s go get some ice cream!”

Then while eating Popsicles she asked why Daisy Dukes with bikinis on top melted Popsicles.

I told her it was Mommy’s turn to answer a question.


Scott said...

Wise answers to both questions!

In the TV movie, "The Homecoming" (which was the pilot film for "The Waltons") "Elizabeth" asks if she can have a puppy, instead of a baby! And when her older siblings say "no"--she asks why. Of course they don't know why--and she whines and whines that she can't give birth to a puppy!

So you see, it could be worse!

Susan said...

Good answer on the Daisy Dukes!

Mike said...

I know some kids that can ask the strangest questions at the most inconvenient times.

Sue said...

Sure, push the tough stuff on to us moms...

Henry Elliss said...

You should have played diversion - hit her with “What do you think Microsoft is going to do with Skype after the acquisition?” and see what she says :D

James (SeattleDad) said...

I would be so befuddled if I had a girl. But good answers man. Good answers.