Sunday, February 10, 2013

FREE Minecraft Valentines!

I recently had a ‘proud dad’ moment when my daughter recently asked if I could make some Minecraft Valentines for some kids at her school. 

We’ve been playing the Minecraft Pocket Edition on our iPads the past few months now and she just loves it. 
And I can’t get enough of it either - it’s strangely addicting.

Here they are to share with friends this Valentine’s Day. And in a true CTD fashion, there’s one with a little Lionel Richie nod…
(click to print)


Anonymous said...

That is so hilarious! Chris LOVES minecraft. I call him "choppy chopperson" when he plays. I'm totally printing these for him. :) Great to see you last week!
Happy Valentines Day!

mfzmou said...

We love the graphics! Thanks for making this. The kids really enjoyed it. I found I needed to make some modifications though. First I had to trim the entire thing because of printer margins and secondly, folding it an additional time crossways helps with guiding folding and later playing the game.Minecraft free

Autism United said...

I love how the old video games are actually coming back and how much the kids love them. And I can play them, it is deja vu for me.

Touhid alamin said...

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