Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baby Einstein is crack for babies

I finally ripped open the Baby Mozart DVD we got for our baby shower and played it for our 3-month old daughter. What came next was totally unexpected. I was somehow expecting, like most baby/toddler videos, some talking fish in overalls sharing his cookie with a horse and then singing about it...or something similar. It was actually closer to a home video of random objects with bad canned synthesizer music. I first felt extremely ripped off, until I saw my daughter fixated on the screen. Yes, absorbed at 3 months old! I then felt admiration and a bit jealous as a creative that I hadn't come up with the idea. These people made millions selling their company to Disney a few years ago. I'm now thinking of recording the ceiling fan in our living room, my daughter loves staring at that. I wonder if it's worth at least 100K.
  • Baby Einstein

    junebee said...

    My husband was SUCKED INTO this and I know it's because it's got the "Einstein" name on it. Sure, everyone wants their kid to be smart (especially the Asians). We saw this video at a friend's house and my husband wanted to waste our good money on it. I said, what a bunch of crap. We got the name effect by giving our babies some old silvery paper party decorations to play with and playing music from other countries. Geez.

    creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

    That's good old-fashioned marketing! I'm sure the series wouldn't sell if it were called what it really is-"home videos of junk"