Sunday, October 09, 2005

Human's in a million years will look like...?

Do you ever wonder, while waiting in line or driving in traffic, what human beings will evolve to and look like in 1 or 100 million years from now? I do while looking at my 3-month-old reflecting family features she has, what she will be like when she's my age, and weird stuff like that. Unlike today, people just a century ago only lived until about 45 years old, were pretty short, and died from strange stuff like 'smelling horse manure' or something obtuse like that. Will we all look like Yoda, Soap stars, or polluted Morlocks eating the beautiful people who live on the surface? Or maybe just the same but with great hair like the guys in Rogaine commercials...
  • MSNBC: Before and After Humans
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