Friday, February 12, 2010

FREE Last Minute Classroom Valentines That Provide a Service

While helping my daughter put together her classroom Valentines for school, I realized how unimportant and irrelevant the cards were: “Happy Valentines day”, “Bee My Valentine”, “It’s Valentines day!” They really don’t mean much and aren’t at all practical.

Why not give classroom Valentines that gives kids real useful advice; life skills that they can use today or when they get older.

I sure would have appreciated some good advice while in preschool.

So with that in mind, here are some useful Valentines Day cards I put together as a public service to all (click to print):

"The goal is to pay your credit card off each month - Happy Valentines Day!"
"Never attend anything that involves a timeshare or "business opportunity." - Happy Valentines Day!"
"Team Jacob or Team Edward? In 5 years it won't matter.
- Happy Valentines Day!"
"If Dad does like him, he must be wrong for you.- Happy Valentines Day!"

"Don’t visit Tijuana.- Happy Valentines Day!"
"Love is a battlefield.
- Happy Valentines Day!"
"Always wash your hands after using the bathroom or visiting any government building.
- Happy Valentines Day!"
"You should never drop it like it's hot.
- Happy Valentines Day!"


SciFi Dad said...

These are awesome.

And while you chose the route of useful advice, I? I chose to make cards for more obscure situations.

handstowar said...

Very funny dude... made me laugh out loud.

Awesome Mom said...

These are great! Too bad I am reading this after I dropped my kids off at school otherwise they would be handing these out instead of the boring animal ones I bought at the store.

Mrs. Money said...

Awesome! I have cards in my closet for V Day and I JUST realized it. ;) OOPS

ArtistUnplugged said...

Where is "Hands Off the Princess!"

painted maypole said...

bwa ha ha ha ha ha

Kelly at Student of the Year said...

I'm partial to anything with Mr. T on it.

for a different kind of girl said...

I curse the fact that I sent my kid to school with an assortment of SpongeBob cards before seeing this. The Pat Benatar card makes me want to request a do-over on his class party!

creative-type dad said...

for a different kind of girl -- The good thing about the Pat Benatar one - it can be used all year long.

SciFi Dad -- I know. Your's are a bit scary...

Amrita said...

thisn is funtastic Tony. Socially useful Val cards. You should publish them

papa2hapa said...

I should have used these for my fellow workers.

Above All said...

I love the TJ one.

Paul Smith said...

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