Thursday, January 05, 2012

It’s Twenty-Twelve. Weird…

I’m not entirely sure what happened over the last month; it sort of just whipped by.
A rundown of what’s been going on:

  1. Sadly, I still have Christmas gifts that I still have to mail. As a matter of fact, I’m looking at them now.
  2. We bought a house "last year" and it's been a blessing and a curse renovating it as it was built in 1954 and hasn't been touched since. I got a new sewer main replacing the old ceramic one for Christmas!
  3. My 1 ½ year old got a new Thomas the Train set and a few other random small toys - guess what his favorite toy is? The cardboard center to the paper towels. He yells into it like a bullhorn.
  4. On New Year’s Eve I fell asleep at 9:30. I was hoping to watch that ridiculous but highly entertaining movie, “2012” but that didn’t happen.
  5. We didn’t go crazy with gifts for our daughter this year, just a few small stocking stuffer's and some American Doll clothes and a playset she really wanted. Her favorite “toy” of choice: the small Snoopy notepad that she uses to take restaurant orders or to write police tickets to her baby brother – like this one:

Translated it says, “You get a ticket for closing the door on a police officer.” My son also likes to slam doors on people after he yells at them with his bullhorn.

Obviously, as of January 1st, that’s now illegal in California.


Susan said...

Love that little note

painted maypole said...

toys are highly overrated. Creativity is highly underrated.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Very good to know!

Beverly said...

I love the creative spelling. I think kids learn to read and write so much faster when they forge ahead, not worrying too much about whether their spelling is right. It's good to write a translation, too. I have notes that my son wrote when he was 4, and I can't read them anymore. Lost language.