Friday, May 11, 2012

Something Special for Mother's Day

Apparently my original plan of flowers, some crafty coloring pages made by the kids, and brunch at the local KFC followed by a trip to see "The Avengers" isn't going to cut it.

My wife has been dropping not-so-subtle hints over the last few weeks talking a lot about my iPad and how she "needs" one. And how much easier it would be to not have to turn on a laptop to search on important topics like "what's Lionel Richie up to on Twitter."
She even forwarded me a marketing email from Apple last week saying something like, "Forward this to your husband so he knows you want an iPad for Mother's Day" with a picture of a mother and daughter hugging and laughing.

I personally think they're happy because they just went to see "The Avengers" and had a meal at KFC.

Oh well...

As for the card, I'm going with the classic I made a few years ago--

Happy Mother's Day!

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Anna said...

What's this? No comments? that's silly. I hope your wife liked the card, but that's not why I'm here. I've been following your blog for a little while (LOVE it), long enough so that when I came across the link below, I KNEW I had to share it with you:

It's not my blog and I get nothing out of it, aside from sharing some Lionel love. Enjoy :D