Friday, March 27, 2015

First World Kid Problems

With all of the things happening around the world and even nearby, it amazes me at some of the things I’ve been hearing all this week:
  • 4YO ran out of space on his iPad.
  • 9YO dropped and cracked her iPhone screen (again.)
  • No new movies on the iPad to watch while on a Road Trip. "Road Trip" meaning 20 minutes in the car. 
  • Pad Apps (while on "Road Trip”) that require an internet connection.
  • Nobody answers the landline home phone or checks the messages. “Wait...who was going to visit (last) Christmas?"
  • Kids think using a MacBook Pro is archaic, but love vinyl records and think rotary phones are really cool - "let’s get one!"
  • The DVR cut off Teen Titans Go - “why aren’t these on Netflix streaming?!"
  • 2 kids streaming Netflix at the same time on different devices, watching the same show. Estimated time: 3 hours to download work PowerPoint. 
  • 9YO’s friends also follow me on Instagram and I posted her doctor’s note: 


Christian Toto said...

I'm dealing with this with my sons. They've had a richer life than I ever dreamed of as a kid ... travel, gadgets, etc. Yet they take it all for granted and complain when things don't percolate exactly as they want them to ... any tips on bringing gratitude into the equation?

Creative-Type Dad said...

I hear you. It's more of a challenge with my little one that it is with the 9YO. We've done some volunteering work that helps level-set that thinking. But as with any kid, it falls back eventually. The importance of keeping that going is crucial for us.