Saturday, December 24, 2005

The "Art" of the Christmas card

My wife and I started sending out Christmas cards with letters the first year we were married because 1) her relatives live everywhere, we rarely see them and they do the same 2) we have no idea what we did all year until we write the letter, 3) we can make really weird, sometimes, creative 'photoshopped' pictures for the card. And like the true artist that I am, I always wait until the week before Christmas creating the family portrait for the card. In the past it always seemed like too much of an effort especially when we have a million other things going on. But this year was our baby's first Christmas and it dawned on us while reading letter from years past how much our daughter would enjoy these when she gets older. It also helps me see how crazy we really are.
  • LA TImes: Card tricks for Christmas
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