Monday, December 19, 2005

Naming Babies After Cars?

So my wife and I are out doing some Christmas shopping and I hear a woman calling for her toddler "Jetta". Yes, like the Volkswagan. A few days ago engaged in some water cooler talk at work, some co-worker was talking about her niece "Lexus". Just to be sure, I had asked "like the car?" she said yes. I had to look this up and find out if this is common thing. It's not like the old days when people name their kids after relatives, Fruit, Disney Characters and Celebrities. Have people just run out of names, or are they just plain crazy. Imagine growing up with the same name as a car? Especially a girl, when she gets older - some guy saying something like “Check out the trunk/headlights/caboose, etc...". Seriously, did these parents forget what growing up was like? I'm saving your kid from a lifetime of therapy here. If you want to be different, try Sacajawea instead.
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