Wednesday, December 21, 2005

'Educational' baby videos - a scam?

What do you mean? My 5-month-old can't read at 7 months like the package suggests! Or learn to play the Mozart in the womb?! My wife and I roll our eyes when we see this higher learning videos and merchandise aimed at infants. And these producers are making bank from gullible people -$100 million in annual sales, according to Business Week. Our infant is learning probably the same way the real Einstein learned. By just watching, observing, and grabbing whatever. Be it a cell phone, remote control, wrapper, book, pan, plate, crack pipe (that's a joke), whatever. In fact, even every infant toy we've given her isn't interesting unless we're somehow using it. If you really want your infant to be learning, walk around; give tours of the house/neighborhood and talk to her. Don't sit her in front of a TV watching a video. That's for when they become teenagers (that's another joke. I hope).
  • Chicago Tribune: Are 'educational' baby videos a scam?
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