Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Things to Look Forward to in 2009

There are things I’m going to miss about 2008: Joe the Plumber, 6-year old Chinese gymnast, bottled water not being cool anymore, etc.
And things that I won’t: financial crisis, potty training crisis, high gas prices crisis, Chuck E. Cheese’s crisis, Speed Racer movie crisis, Hadron Collider destroying the world - crisis.
I don’t know about you but I was a little nervous about that Collider, created by those mad European scientist sucking things into a black hole. Maybe next time around they could point it at Chuck E. Cheese so I don’t have to go to any more birthday parties there.

Nevertheless, here’s my list of things I’m looking forward to in ’09:

  1. The demise of Bratz. After a huge court battle with Mattel Toys, MGA Entertainment (i.e. “The Pimps” of Bratz) is being forced to destroy the entire line, including the sushi strip bar. It still baffles me that some parents actually bought these thong wearing, drug addict looking, hookers for their daughters. And not just a few, but billions of dollars worth the past 8 years.
  2. 10-year wedding anniversary. And to celebrate this April we’re going on a 15-day trip to Paris, France – where the wife and I met nearly 12 years ago. But this trip won’t be filled with white-tablecloth dinners, 12-hour visits to museums by day, and clubbing until 6am like the last time we were there because we’re taking our daughter. Paris with a 3-year old is definitely going to be different this time around. But after some research we’re finding out that there are lots of kid/family friendly things to do there. And I’m planning on blogging about the experience, possibly daily.
  3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie. This will probably be the only movie I see in a theater this year. Well maybe, Transformers 2, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, and Up. And I’m sure my daughter will be all over Princess and the Frog, so maybe that one too.
  4. My daughter’s 4th birthday. Come to think of it, maybe I’m not really looking forward to that one. She’s already growing up much too fast as it is. Her “Santa Wish List” this past Christmas consisted of make-up, lip-gloss, nail polish, hair/body glitter, a tattoo, a cell phone, and a chocolate bunny. Santa ended up bringing her a chocolate Santa and a Dollhouse.
  5. A flying car. We're definitely overdue on this. And not only should it fly, it should be Mr. Fusion powered by banana peels, empty Jamba Juice cups, shredded up Bratz dolls, and leftover Chuck E. Cheese prize tickets.
  6. KFC “Spicy” Popcorn Chicken. I’ve been petitioning KFC for years, but this year is going to be different because I’m starting one of those Internet campaigns. Use this letter as a template (modify if needed), mail and join the Revolution!
To: Colonel Sanders
C/o Customer Satisfaction
P.O. Box 725489
Atlanta, GA 31139
(Or online here. But unlike a letter, you can’t draw pictures on it.)

Dear Colonel (or current CEO of delicious chicken),

Everybody knows your greatest creation, Popcorn Chicken that comes in a little movie popcorn bucket, is the greatest invention known to modern man (after drive-thru's and the Internet.) But it can be better; you could offer Spicy Popcorn Chicken.

If you did this, I promise to eat it everyday. Even when the wife says “Hell no! We’re not going to EAT spicy popcorn chicken again for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at the movie theater!” She’ll learn to love it - even if it takes 10 more years of marriage.

“Creative-Type Dad” advocate of Spicy Popcorn Chicken
(Sign your own name here, but leave in “advocate of Spicy Popcorn Chicken” – very important.)

P.S. Please don’t let your employees take baths in the sinks anymore – thanks!

One day…the vision will be reality. I just know it.
What are you looking forward to in ’09?


Anonymous said...

Didn't know about the Bratz but I am sooo thrilled to hear it! I am not a fan!!

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm still working up my list, but I'm with you on one thing. This year really feels like it's the year we should be getting flying cars. Enough chit chat about them. We've been doing that for the past what, 30 or 40 years? No more pipe dreams, I say! Someone really need to make this happen.

Additionally, I'd be down with the whole '"I would like waffles for breakfast today!" and then I push a button and I have waffles' machine. But I want the flying car first. I need that more than I need waffles every day.

Sasparilla Sue said...
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Sasparilla Sue said...

Seeing as how I have no kids I didn't know that the Bratz dolls were so skanky! Isn't the world past it's quota on skanks? Do we really need to be manufacturing them in toy form? Thank God, they're done!
And I would LOVE a flying car! That would be the end of fighting for parking. You could just park on rooftops (flat ones, anyway). That'd be awesome!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Love this post. But I would change KFC to Chick Fil-A and get them to out a damn location closer to me in Denver! Booooo!

P.S. my verification word is "tweented" - NO LIE!!!

Whirlwind said...

I'm looking forward to celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary this year as well - October! We are planning on going away as well, but have yet to pick a destination. Whereever it will be, it will be sans kids. They're staying home!

SciFi Dad said...

Uhm, the Colonel already had spicy popcorn chicken up here in Canada last fall. It was pretty good, although an entire meal of it made for some pretty significant drink consumption and some nasty heartburn after.

btw... captcha: shydam (seriously)

Dad Stuff said...

I'm looking forward to Potter too.
I think your 4 year old will find a way to drag you to a few more matinees this summer though. Sometimes it's worth the $15 to sit in a comfortable theater chair and nap through latest celebrity voiced cartoon.
Happy New Year.

Beverly said...

Just saw "The Tale of Despereaux" in the theater. Next up will probably be that Frog Princess one.

Whit said...

I just read today that Joe the Plumber will be doing war coverage for a new station. So much for 2009.

creative-type dad said...

Whit -- War coverage? Of what, plumbing...?

SciFi Dad-- WHAT?! Canada just got a lot more attractive. Even with the 2-degree weather.

Aimee Greeblemonkey -- I've had them before, they are good. Too bad there aren't many out here.

Sasparilla Sue -- That would definitely be awesome. I would park on top of Hummer and Hyundai's.

Wow, that Waffle machine sounds awesome.
My machine would make Waffles that resembled celebrities like Mr. T. and Capt'n Crunch.

for a different kind of girl -- I want the future to happen now....

furiousBall said...

ok, i've got it, how we can make 2009 supa kick ass...

we put the 6 year old Chinese gymnast in the collider.

Artist Unplugged said...

Ba-bye, the Paris Hilton doll. Confirmed, Joe the Plumber-Live!from Israel (and dodging bombs) What? A trip to Paris for only 10 years? I celebrated my 25th last year and all I got was a diamond ring.....I've been waiting for a Jetsons' car since I was a kid....I'm on the spicy popcorn chicken bucket bandwagon. Pssssst...shhhhhh....Mrs. Creative Type Dad...I know the perfect anniversary gift.......

Maureen said...

You'll have to wait until 2010 to see the end of the Bratz dolls. They can sell them through 2009. Thank goodness my daughter is too young for them.

I'm also looking forward to the 4th birthday of my daughter -- in less than a week!

kittenpie said...

Would luuurv to never see a Bratz doll again, but the way that reads it sounds like Bratz may shut down, but it leaves Mattel open to either restart it themselves or expand their MyScene barbies, which are just as skankalicious. Seriously, they have some pretty bad tranny streetwalker barbies themselves, I can tell you having just negociated the purchase of two barbies.

And good on you guys, making a big deal out of your anniversary. mrs. Creative is a lucky woman. That will be intersting to read, too. I am too chicken to take kids anywhere exciting.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, I utterly despise the Bratz dolls and can't wait until they're gone.

What I'm looking forward to? My husband is working many long hours for the next 2 1/2 months, writing a proposal for a contract from a government agency. I'll be glad when it's all over. Because I'm getting a taste of single-parenthood and it sucks. Seriously.

Rich said...

Yeah we did have spicy popcorn chicken up here in Canada, I completely forgot! and never had a chance to try it.
Paris with a 3 year old eh. Will definitley check back and see how that panned out

carrie said...

While you're at it, could you please write to the good folk at Sonic and tell them that it just isn't fair to advertise in areas in which there are no Sonics? Thank you.

And thanks for the info on the Bratz, I will sleep much better tonight knowing this.

Denguy said...

I'm glad to hear you are taking your daughter to Paris--I hear it's gay there.

Carmi said...

I'm gonna miss your soon-to-be-ex-President's ability to mangle the English language with such apparent ease. Your almost-there-President is too good with the English thing...gonna have to find someone else to laugh at. Which isn't easy because I am, after all, Canadian.

nonlineargirl said...

Looking forward to winning 5 minutes in the cheese fry booth.

creative-type dad said...

nonlineargirl -- Cheese Fry booth...?!
Now, if they're wrapped in bacon, I'm all over that.

Carmi -- They're politicians. There's always something .

Amrita said...

Good way the summaize the year