Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wanting To Learn Something New And Actually Doing It.

Not too long ago while eating dinner or playing with my daughter, out of the blue, I told my wife I wanted to learn the “Art of Animal Ballooning” (or its latin name "twisting"). When she asked “Why?” I said “Just because”. She’s use to this kind of thing.

I get these random urges to do whatever looks interesting and to stretch, as Napoleon Dynamite calls it, my “skills”. Be it learning to play a banjo, cave repelling, doing a gallery show, or even making balloon animals.
Once I think about it, the idea brews and then I’ll likely try to find a way to do it.
When I die (in the year 2186 after cryogenic freezing) I don’t want to say, “I wish I did (whatever), and now I’ll never get the chance again” just before an asteroid slams earth or technological superior aliens destroy the human race.

I did get my Balloon Making Kit, they sell them online of course under Magician or Clown supplies, and then started with a Level 3 dog (In my mind, Level 1 is for people with missing thumbs and lungs). I followed the directions intently, concentrated and then my wife showed up and joined me in the balloon makin’ fun. In about 5 minutes she had a perfect dog, in fact it looked even better than the picture. My dog looked like it was hit by a mail truck – twice.
My wife put her dog on the fireplace mantle and left the room. My dog ‘accidentally’ popped. That was the end of my dream of becoming a professional ballooner.

If anybody has suggestions for odd skills that don’t involve animals or balloons, I’m asking.


radioactive girl said...

That sounds exactly like something that would happen in my house! I would get some wacky idea and decide to do something, my husband would roll his eyes at me and then when I actually tried to do it, he would do amazingly better than me without even trying.

What I want is a kiln because I think making pottery would be cool. I've never done it before, so spending all that money on a kiln and then discovering I was no good would be a hard thing to take. I'll be looking to see what other people suggest because I am always up for learning something useless.

kittenpie said...

How about inuit throat singing?

Okay, jewelry making might come in handy come present-giving time...

And I think my friend and I might try glass blowing if I ever get time.

If I were more coordinated, I'd be all over skateboarding.

Ryan said...

I have a couple of friends that know how to turn balloons into all types of animals. I've never tried. Good luck finding the next thing to do. Cool that you ordered the kit.

I would suggest knife throwing, flying a stunt kite, maybe picking up the harmonica (I do that), becoming a ninja, or possibly taking up graffiti in the LA area to replace Chaca ever since he got caught.

Waya said...

Oh man! And here I was going to book you for my son's next b-day party!! Is your wife available? I was going to suggest knife throwing like Ryan too.
If you haven't seen this at Suburban Turmoil yet, it's very disturbing!!

Rebecca said...

Well, I always wanted to learn how to juggle, but I haven't mastered the art as of yet. I do think becoming a ninja sounds pretty intriguing though...hahaha!

Carrien said...

I used to be able to make a teddy bear holding a tulip out of two balloons. That was in Junior high when I had time to pursue random interests that could be taught form library books, and also a good way to pick up extra spending money on weekends at the Farmer's market.

HAve you ever seen the Puppetry of the Penis guys perform? That would probably not go over well at birthday parties, but it would definitely be an interesting skill.

How about ventriloquism?

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

kittenpie - you could be the next Tony Hawk!

Waya - Knive throwing hasn't crossed my mind. That's video is crazy!

Rebecca - I have trouble throwing a baseball, I think juggling might kill somebody (unless they're on fire....)

Carrien - I have heard of the penis puppet thing. It was done when I was in Art School 15 years ago. BUT -ventriloquism, I'm liking that idea!!

Diana said...

You got further than I would, because I can't even blow up those stupid skinny balloons. Good luck with the puppet, I hear they get fresh once you put your hand up their butts!

dennis said...

tony: juggling with silk scarves is fairly easy and will keep the imps entertained for -- minutes!

IF you were to combine this next suggestion with the facial and sea-foam fingernail polish, then your wife might leave you BUT you would have a unique ability (among men).

Have you considered learning how to tie maraschino cherry stems in knots with your tongue??

Anonymous said...

ahahaha..I just told someone the other day that I wanted to learn how to make balloon animals.

InterstellarLass said...

Next thing you know you'll be enrolled in Clown School.

Kristen said...

Too bad it "popped". You totally should have called it abstract art, taken a picture of it, and wowed us all with your mad twisting skillz.

balloon-animals said...

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