Monday, April 30, 2007

A Bunch Of Randomness: KFC, Celebrities, Loans, And Birthday’s For Plush

Who Switched My KFC With Folger’s Crystals?
These people did - that's who! I read today that the colonel has jumped on the health kick bandwagon replacing trans-fat in it's chicken. What am I going to do now when I need a fix of something really bad? (but taste sooo good…!)
For crying out loud- it's fried chicken in a bucket! I'm not expecting Flax seed and dietary Fiber.

I just hope it still taste the same or I’m switching to Popeye’s for my fix. Because as of now, Popeye's doesn't care about my DHD, BVD's, LCD's or whatever it's called.

Cajun Man Wants My Parking Spot
While loading my daughter and her “stuff” in the stroller at the L.A. Times Festival of Books parking lot - a huge Lincoln Town Car stopped right beside us, waited for a bit (breathed heavily), and a Cajun man/Jr. High kid-voice asked if we were leaving.
“Uhhh, no Adam Sandler, can’t you see we just got here?” And not to be a snob, but who still buys/drives Lincoln Town Cars anyway -- isn't there an age limit of 75 to even own one? (Joey Lawrence almost hit a friend at the Beverly Center’s parking garage - he drove a Lexus; Fabio almost hit another friend near Santa Monica and La Brea – he drove a Mercedes. And those guys aren’t working, Adam is…)
Maybe I should be thankful he only wanted my parking spot and didn’t want to run me over.

You Say You've Got Connections? Well, We're On “The Guest List” For Gymbo’s Birthday
Our Gymboree invited us to “Gymbo the clowns’” birthday party over the weekend. We (or “I”) went largely for the fancy pizza provided and Cold Stone ice cream cake that was being served.
My daughter really liked the whole thing, especially the part where we sang Happy Birthday to the Gymbo plush doll (who mysteriously blew out the candle on his own -- who says clowns “aren’t” evil? Not me!)
If anybody is having a birthday party for their stuffed animal, cat, or Pokemon I’m sure my daughter will love it. Just be sure to provide Cold Stone ice cream cake and we’re there.

I Thought I Would Be 90 Years Old When This Happened
I just sent my last check and now my student loans are paid off! After years of crazy budgeting, selling both kidneys and soul, fencing cars, my gansta rap CD going gold, etc. (sigh of relief.)
I would say “I’m going to Disneyland” but that place is crowded this time of year.

Things The Kid Is Doing Now
When she’s making me bloop (her word for “Soup”) and Edamame’ (she correctly calls it Edamame’) in her toy kitchen and I start eating without her permission, she’ll yell, “Daddy, don’t touch it!!!” – very clearly (she's the Bloop Nazi.)
The other day she ran up to me, really excited, shouting “Daddy! Daddy!” and then when I asked what was up, she burped so loud that the dog barked. She then chuckled and ran away yelling “Mommy! Mommy!”

I wiped a small tear off my cheek and said in my low, impersonated Barry White deep voice, "that's ma' girl" (but low enough so that the wife couldn't hear me...)


The Real Mother Hen said...

Congrats on paying off your student loans before turning 70! Dude that means you can join the rare species list now :)

Jenny said...

great installation of randomness... those gave me some good chuckles. I can't believe your daughter makes EDAMEME... you're a better parent than I. The main food groups according to my son are 1) fruit snacks, 2) diet coke, 3) candy (ugh).

Stay at home dad said...

Yes that is indeed the height of sophistication. Hook her up with my daughter and her cappucinos and they could open an extrememly smart cafe!

Just linked to you from a UK site and enjoying.


Whit said...

Adam Sandler can read?

radioactive girl said...

The image of the Bloop Nazi made me laugh!

Above Average Joe said...

Following in my footsteps, anytime The Champ lets some gas fly he blames it on an elephant. Mrs. Joe get furious at that.

Dad Stuff said...

I wish my kids would make Edameme for me.
I wish I knew what Edameme was.
It must not have any mac & cheese in it.

Lisa said...

Randomness indeed.

Think I'll stick with Norma's for my "fix of something really bad"... food that is.

creative-type dad said...

Stay at home dad - I bet they could. My daughter would be a bad business partner though. She doesn't like criticism. I'm still working on that with her.

Whit - No. Nor can he tell the obvious.

Above Average Joe - I blame the burps on the ghosts of evil monkeys. Although, I may have to change that to prevent nightmares.

Dad Stuff - Soybeans that are usually given at Japanese restaurants.

MetroDad said...

Had to pop in from Hong Kong just to say...NO FREAKING WAY! You're thinking of coming over to the dark side? That's awesome!

How many times have I told you (and Betty) that Popeyes spicy chicken rocks the house? No way Popeyes would ever take out the trans fat. We LIKE the trans fat. That shit is yummy, yo!

Kate said...

Our baby has just recently discovered the humor in tilting his tush to one side when he farts, to which he laughs out loud. And here I thought it was just the boys were amused by their bodily functions.

chanchow said...

Edamame! That's a classy joint she's running.

I know someone who was hit by Faye Dunaway twice in West Hollywood. She was driving, he was walking. Don't know what car she has though.

wayabetty said...

Tony, you and I have to sign a petition for this "nonsense" of taking trans-fat out of our beloved chicken! THE HORROR DUDE!! And they promised that the taste won't be compromised, but I bet it'll taste like cardboard!

I'm joining you and MetroDad and coming over the Dark side of Popeye's.

creative-type dad said...

MetroDad - I'll have to try this spicy chicken you speak of. Maybe I'll eat it in front of KFC to protest.

Kate - That's funny! Next thing you know he'll be lighting them on fire. Make sure you buy a fire extinguisher

chanchow - Hit twice by Faye? Maybe that person owed her money. God knows she needs it now.

wayabetty - I'll be paying a visit to the colonels place later this week for my "official taste test". Maybe try a breast and some popcorn chicken.
If I'm not lickin' my fingers, it's over!

sweatpantsmom said...

Ditch the KFC! Popeye's is da bomb.

(Should I be embarrassed to be effusing over fried chicken?)

Mrs. Chicky said...

No bloop for you!

And Sandler is a New Hampshire boy. Town Cars are way cool up there.

karla said...

So they are going to fry their chicken in healthy fat? That sounds like a bit of an oxymoron now doesn't it?

MamaLee said...

I thought KFC was sacred. What a bummer.

And I just paid off my student loans in the last few years, too. What a relief.


mrsmogul said...

So cute about the dog!

Regarding KFC, I am now so craving chicken! I've been a vegetarian for a few years now...influenced by VEGAN husband! CRAP!!

Hey I am linking you..finallY!

Jenster said...

Healthy KFC? Isn't that an oxymoron??

The birthday party for a clown is kind of creeping me out. Of course, I loathe clowns with a passion so that may have something to do with it.

Congrats on paying off your student loan!! And I wouldn't go to Disneyland either. You practically need a loan for that.

I love "bloop"! When my daughter was little and would burp a manly burp my husband would grin at her and say, "Good out!" You men...

carrie said...

The bloop nazi . . . I've got one of those too!


creative-type dad said...

Jenster - it sure is. KFC should stand for Kentucky Fat "yummy" Chicken.

mrsmogul - vegab husband? I'm so sorry...
You need to hit a drive-thru late at night when he's asleep. Maybe take the bucket back to a hotel room or something. Or a forest.

Mrs. Chicky - "No bloop for you!" - LOL!!

InterstellarLass said...

I had KFC tonight. The original recipe was missing something...OH YEAH! Yummy trans-fats. We're all going to die one day anway. Why prolong the inevitable. Give me CHICKEN!

creative-type dad said...

InterstellarLass - I haven't tried the new stuff yet. Maybe because I'm not fully prepared for the initial "shock".

Ruth Dynamite said...

Have you tried the Colonel's nori-wrapped tofuti "chicken" chunks drizzled with their new wheat grass-soy-barley reduction sauce?

I hear Adam Sandler loves it!

creative-type dad said...

Ruth Dynamite - No, I haven't. I usually never ordered anything beyond the "orginal".
That's until popcorn chicken (I like the popcorn packaging...?)

I'm a purist like that.