Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sketches Of The Kid, Married For How Many Years? And Things I Want On My Birthday (Friday)

I know I haven’t posted any sketches or drawings of my daughter in awhile – I haven't stopped sketching her, the wife, strangers (I still enjoy that) it just takes a little more effort posting the things. Here are some recent “quick sketches” (in charcoal on newsprint) while the observing her play...and the only ones that don’t have any crayon scribbles on them.

Yesterday, the wife and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary (wow, that really seems like a long time just writing it down.) Like most parents with a toddler, whose anniversary's land on a school night, we had dinner (take-out) at home with lots of cocktails after the kids’ bedtime (this is one of the drawbacks of not having any babysitters, or family nearby -- the two of us getting out for alone time.)
I still remember thinking at our wedding, “wow! I’m actually getting married – to her.” Now it’s, “wow! I’m actually married to her and we have a kid…!” It's still pretty amazing.

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, Friday is my birthday. I was debating taking the day off of work like I’ve done in the past (last year I took the kid to the Getty for the day, just she and I, which was really fun.) But I’m a busy and I'm feeling a little guilty about taking time off.

Here’s my list of things I want this year (because I’m suppose to be getting wiser…):
1. KITT from Knight Rider (it’s for sale)
2. A hidden place to nap for an hour, after lunch, at work (I dream about this everyday...)
3. A Colonel Sanders white suit with matching white beard and wig (to wear on Fridays or to wear when going through the KFC drive-thru.)
4. World Peace (because I hate going through security at airports these days.)
5. iPhone (so I can make calls to KITT while looking really cool)
6. One weekend getaway with just the wife (maybe to see Tom Jones in Vegas – again, like we did in the old days...)
7. My daughter to be potty trained…


~*Kelli*~ said...

Well, happy birthday, first of all.

Diggin' the Colonel Sanders outfit idea. I mean, who DOESN'T need that?!

And yeah, KITT car. That rocks!

Darling pics of your baby girl! What a cool daddy!

Tuesday Girl said...

My husband's birthday is tomorrow and we know how you feel, we have no family or friends near us to babysit either.

Have a great birthday!

Redneck Mommy said...

I had the biggest crush on Micheal Knight and Kitt.

I'd buy Kitt in a heartbeat. If I had some spare cash lying about.

Happy Bday to you Tony! I hope you get at least one thing on your list.

Or the birthday bj. At the very least.

Lisa said...

Hehe... I almost spit coffee all over the computer afer reading redneck mommy's comment.

Happy Anniversary! And Happy (impending) Birthday!!

Lemme know what time you want that nap and I'll be happy to take one for you.

radioactive girl said...

Happy birthday! I actually remembered it because mine is the 16th. It gets hard to ask for things that people could actually get you the older you get doesn't it? I just read that back to myself and I see it doesn't really make any sense, but I hope you know what I mean. Listen, I already promised Karl (know him?) that I would buy KITT for him if I had the money, but maybe you guys could ride together? Have a happy birthday!

Diana said...

Okay, so Happy Birthday because I won't be around on the actual day.
And I love the sketches of your daughter...her cheeks look so bitable. (Is that a word?)
And if I worked at KFC and you came through the drive-thru looking like The Colonel, I would faint.

Steve said...

You are really talented. Those are great.

Happy Anniversary, btw.

junebee said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. Find a babysitter. Ask some of your co-workers.

dennis said...

you have to get the white suit and beard

(although KITT would be nice)

MamaLee said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!

Our 7th wedding anniversary is next week - and I understand about not having babysitters. Sometimes you can just make due.

I'm working on getting KITT for ya!

Sarah O. said...

What a lucky kid to have a dad who casually creates wonderful sketches of her!

Tom Jones in Vegas - it doesn't get more perfect! Too bad I live 2,000 miles from you - I'd watch her for the weekend.

Maria said...

First, happy birthday and I hope you get everything you want.

Second, the key is to work with what you have to fund what you need. Sell the drawings (yeah, they are that good) and use the income to dress up like the Colonel and serenade your wife (late anniversary gift) by singing "What's New, Pussycat?" (whoa, whoa, whoa-whoa)

Then go take a nap.

The potty training? You are asking for a lot there, buddy.

Denver Dad said...

We should all pitch in and buy KITT together. It could be the official car of mispent youth and it could make the rounds, all over the world, giving parent bloggers the sweetest ride in town until it had to be turned over to the next blogger.

Dude... world peace?!? Pfft! Like that'll ever happen.

Darren a/k/a Clare's Dad said...

Happy Birthday! And Happy Anniversary!

If you get the white suit and go through the drive-thru you totally have to get someone to film it and put it on YouTube. You'll be famous. And if you did it while you were driving KITT you'd be A-list. You'd probably have babysitters knocking on your door just to meet you too. Someone would probably give you an iPhone and Tom Jones tickets for free too. And you'd be able to use your fame to promote world peace. All this from a white suit.

But good luck with speeding up potty training and the nap thing...those just won't happen.

creative-type dad said...

Clare's Dad - who knew a suit could bring world peace...that's deep.

Denver Dad - that's a great idea! And then KITT could have his own blog.

Maria - maybe I can get enough $ to have Tom himself sing it? I wouldn't want to butcher the music of "the voice".

Sarah O. - I think I'm at the point of flying anybody out to watch the daughter for a weekend.

chanchow said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! I hope you are eating a tub of fried chicken right now.

mamatulip said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and holy crap, I'm impressed by your sketches.

Sarah O. said...

Happy Birthday again! How's about I send you birthday greetings every couple of weeks?

Happy Anniversary, too! Is it okay if I only congratulate your marriage annually?

wayabetty said...

Happy happy Tony! So, did you get the Colonel suit that I shipped over yet? No? How about that iPhone? NO? Hmmm, the mailman must have kept them for himself.

Maybe next year!

Jenster said...

I love the sketch! I wish I could draw something besides stick figures. :o(

Congratulations on the anniversary. I remember hot dogs at the little league field on my 10th anniversary. And it was great! LOL

Oh. And happy birthday. So did you get KITT??

kittenpie said...

OUr tenth is next month and I can expect just about as exciting a time... Gawd, it's a long way from a weekend away, isn't it?

(un)relaxeddad said...

Well, happy b'day! Love the sketches - supermum does the same thing sometimes when she can catch him sitting still for long enough. I do so emphasise about the nights off - boy am I jealous friends with a supply of grandparents handy!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Happy day! :)

The best thing that my husband and I did was go away together for a weekend alone in January. We had to put up with my inlaws, but it was worth it. Dude, make it happen.

L.A. Daddy said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!

Very cool sketches, too! I used to sketch but I'm afraid to even try doing something of LA Toddler because I'm so out of practice. She will treasure those more than any pics of her.

Pageant Mom said...

Wow, I'd give anything to be able to draw...

Happy Birthday!!!! For my birthday, I got hit on by a woman in FRONT of my husband in a bar (no lie) then we got into a fight, then we got to kiss and make up. It all worked out.

Only married 8 years? Ah, newlyweds!!!
(I've been married 16.5 years :o)

Hope you get what you want for your birthday and may it be the happiest ever!!

Mamma said...

Yet another blogging Aries...

Great sketches!! And I really hope you get that Col. Sanders suit.

Mitch McDad said...

How 'bout parking KITT under a shady tree and taking a nap until the alarm on your iPhone plays "it's not unusual" and you get home and your wife says "guees who's potty trained, and hurry up and pack, we're going to Vegas. Now put on this sweet suit and run out and get us some KFC before we go to LAX."

Kate said...

Now I totally have the theme to Knight Rider in my head!

creative-type dad said...

Kate -- that's o.k. because I've got "the Wiggles" theme song stuck in mine. Wanna trade?

Mitch McDad -- one (I) can only dream...

Pageant Mom -- Wow! A bar fight with a kiss at the end. It's just like prison