Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother’s Day 2007: The Canadian Tour - What Would Celine Do?

This was the wife’s 2nd official Mother’s Day and sadly we were unable to give it the proper celebration it rightfully deserved.

Her somewhat new crazy boss (a bizarre middle-aged, childless, workaholic woman – the kind who’s waiting for her penis to grow in…) decided that Mother’s Day would be a great day to make the wife leave for Quebec on a business trip. This was something that could have literally have been planned anytime, you know, like tomorrow or even later in the day.
I’m not saying this to be insulting, but I’m sure glad my boss isn’t a woman. Well, let me be more specific - not all woman only this breed of 'woman boss'.
This crazy lady purposely pulls this stuff all the time; it’s literally like an adult version of “Mean Girls.”
Most men bosses would never pull the kind of stuff (mind games, secret wars, calls at 10:30pm, making co-worker alliances then moving in for the kill…!) I’m not sure if I’ve just been lucky, but all of my men (and one woman) bosses throughout the years have been very accommodating, especially if it involved anything that has to do with family or holidays (like Mother’s Day.)

Anyhow, enough griping this is Mother’s Day…

Early in the morning we made a mad dash for a quick breakfast and then headed off to Air Canada’s LAX terminal where we saw about 6 police cars and 12 airport police take away a woman in handcuffs (I wondered if she was Canadian or a mother….OR a Canadian mother?)

Later, my daughter and I met my grandfather and his "lady"-friend (she’s like 70 - I can’t call her “girl”…it’s too weird) at the Huntington Library in San Marino. This was the place the wife and I had planned on visiting, so it was a little odd being there without her.
The day turned out to be perfect 78-degree weather. I haven’t been to the place since moving out of the Pasadena area around 6 years ago. They’ve built a lot in a few years and are building more – Chinese Gardens, some fancy Jungle Arboretum with LCD panels of plants and underwater remote-control fish cameras (with a “fire” button that makes them shoot “lasers”! – I wish…), new giant gallery space, and a really fancy children’s garden that my daughter absolutely went crazy for.
Oh yeah, and the price of admission nearly doubled. Although, I didn’t mind since the place is pretty nice, had more, and is definitely worth future visits.
I still don’t know why they call it a “Library”, from what I know – there is a small Library somewhere on the 120 acres but us “normal folks” can’t visit (I don’t know -- maybe the invited scholars don’t like to share?) The whole place is basically a HUGE park mixed with galleries and themed gardens, reminds me kind of like Shinjuku Gyoen park in Toyko or Disneyland.
Maybe they call it “Library” to keep the rowdy teenagers away – at least, that’s my theory for today.

And to my wife…
I really missed her today. Not only is she an incredible wife, she’s also a remarkable mother (…and she’ll be even more wonderful if she brings me back something cool from Canada -- like beaver bacon or Canadian moonshine…)

And our daughter?
She’s not even 2 yet, so she doesn’t know mommy’s crazy, mean boss made mommy go away to Canada on Mother’s Day to visit Canadians.
When I had her give my wife a card (one she colored) she yelled “Happy Birthday Mommy!!”


Mel said...

I would like you to know that I said, "WHAT?!!!" when you first stated what her evil rotten boss made her do; then I giggled about the bacon; then I sniffled a little and said, "Aaaaw," at the happy birthday thing.
Its a good thing you are the type of dad (I can tell!) who celebrates Mother's Day all the year round. :)

Kate said...

I must agree, women executives with no lives outside of work have lots of chips on their shoulders. I have one such boss who sends me emails at 12:34 AM and then 7:04 AM on the same day. In case you were wondering, no she doesn't sleep. Although I was sleeping soundly in MY bed at the time.

But, there are a lot of successful women who are able to recognize some kind of work/life balance. AND, there are some insane male executives out there, too, don't forget! Your wife's boss is just giving us all a bad name!

karla said...

No you want Canadian Maple Syrup and Beer. We have the best Maple Syrup. :)

"Kelli BoBelli" said...

I can't STAND women bosses. I bet some are just fine, but my experiences have not been too good. I had a principal when I was teaching once who called me into her office and said "I heard what you said about me!" I hadn't said ANYTHING about her. She proceeded to tell me what I said, and honestly, I hadn't said it at all. How can you defend that when you DIDN'T say it, but she SWORE she heard you say it? I don't think a man would have called me on that. He would have just thought "whatever..." Just weird.

OMG! My 2 yr old niece kept saying "Happy Birthday," too yesterday. I guess it IS kinda like our birthdays!

Mrs. Chicky said...

That sucks big time. But fish with laser beams would be pretty cool. I wonder if they'd cost One Meeeell-ion dollars?

Ben & Bennie said...

Sorry Tony. That absolutely sucks about Mom's Day. My wife verifies from past experience that "manish" female bosses are the worst.

BTW, surprise your wife with a "make-up" Mom's Day!

BTW II, my mother has been dating a guy for the last decade that is now in his 70s. I refuse to call him "boyfriend." We just call him step-grandpa.

Lisa said...

I have had two women bosses. One was fantastic and I adore her. The other was crazy, crazy, CRAZY and lazy, lazy, LAZY. (Her mommy owned the company so I guess when that happens, its ok to snort coke in your office then scream at random people.)

Jenster said...

Well I for one do NOT like your wife's boss. She sounds like a mean, spiteful, bitter person. Poo on her!

The Huntington Library was always one of my favorite places to go when I was growing up. I haven't been there in years, though! Maybe I can fit that in my next trip to SoCal...

Darren said...

I've NEVER had a good experience with woman bosses. I've had some bad experiences with male bosses too. Maybe I just don't like bosses.

I agree about the maple syrup and beer...though I've never been to Canada. Happy belated Mother's Day to her up north, eh?

BTW, my wife had to go away this week Philly...but her (male) boss let her leave this morning.

junebee said...

Ok, I guess I'm in the minority here. Getting on a plane to CANADA by MYSELF would have been an awesome Mother's Day gift.

epixstix said...

I agree that it seems women bosses are a lot meaner. I've had several bosses, both men and women, and I always got along better with the men. Why is that??

And to make her work on Mother's Day?? What a b!^&#!

kittenpie said...

However, I can totally see a male boss not realizing it was mother's day... ahem.

creative-type dad said...

kittenpie - yeah, I'm sure those guys are out there. It just drives me crazy that anybody (man or woman) would be so inconsiderate.

Lisa - yikes! That's just like that movie "Less Than Zero" except Robert Downey Jr. didn't have job.

Ben & Bennie - I think we may have a make-up day. We just won't let her boss know.

"Kelli BoBelli" - that's funny! maybe they both got a call from Elmo?

Mrs. Chicky - no! One Beeel-lion dollars!

Above Average Joe said...

Mrs. Joe works with a few female bosses. The stories I hear. Women at work can be the meanest.

Ruth Dynamite said...

"the kind who's waiting for her penis to grow in"

You slay me. I'm picturing Sigourney Weaver's character in Working Girl.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I LOVE IT! "Happy Birthday MOMMY!". Mine kept saying "Happy Valentine's Day". Sorry about your wife's boss and the business trip. UGH.

petite gourmand said...

mmm beaver bacon...
can't get enough of that up here.
sorry you didn't get to spend mother's day with your wife, I hope she at least got to enjoy sitting in first class or at the very least had a nice time in Canada.
single/childless/female bosses can be brutal.

Jen Magnuson said...

Why is it that women are hardest on other women?!?! That would be a great blog in and of itself - horrible women bosses and the torture they inflict on their female employees. I hate that. I'm sorry your wife had to leave on Mother's Day, but you're right - your little girl probably isn't old enough to get it yet. And when she is, let's hope your wife has a better boss.

carrie said...

Sorry your boss is such a stinker!

I hope that your wife had a nice Mother's Day picking out bacon to bring home! Kinda sounds appealing, in a weird sort of way! :)


creative-type dad said...

Ruth Dynamite - Now that I think about it - Exactly!

petite gourmand - she did like visiting Canada. Although I didn't get my beaver bacon...(extremely disappointed about that...)

toni said...

LOL! I found you over at Pass The Chocolate. Had a good laugh over this post, especially the William Hung comparison. Will be back to visit when I have more time.