Friday, July 06, 2007

Crazy People Searches, My Favorite L.A. Restaurants, Daddy And Daughter Days Part IV, And Slay-A-Thon

Crazy People Searches
I haven’t done this in awhile. This is what some people come here looking for:

pictures of midgets in overalls (I haven’t see any, but maybe I want too)
a bee peeing (now I’m curious, do they pee?)
18 month old doesn't like dad (Two words buddy: “Ice Cream”)
how long would it take to drive to uranus at 65mph (insert my jr. high laugh)
how to influence a dad to get a dog (when you promise to pick up its poop)
spanking in romance novels (don’t they all have spanking by "the governor" or somebody like that?)
kfc sleepwear (I want some that say, "I like my chicken... spicy")
i am looking for a midget woman (in overalls?)
dentist and alcohol jokes (What kind of awards to dentists get? A little plaque. If your dentist tells you that one, run.)

My Favorite L.A. Restaurants

Pixie tagged me for this meme - In case anybody wanted to know my favorite places to eat around these parts (excluding “the colonels” - because that's a no-brainer)

Tokyo Delves Sushi Bar (North Hollywood) - Also known as "Disco Sushi" by the natives. Really, really fun place where everybody gets to dance on the chairs while listening to disco and 80’s. Try making a phone call in the phone booth.

Palms Thai (Hollywood) - You could probably get better Thai food anywhere, like across the parking lot, but why? This place has "Thai Elvis" perform nearly every night. They even have Thai Celine Dion and Andy Gibb.

Magic Castle (Hollywood/Highland) – If Harry Potter were real, he would be performing here on Saturday nights. Really cool (and cheesy) private Magician’s Club. This is about the only place left in Hollywood that requires men to wear suits and ladies to wear cocktail dresses (or suits with a curly mustache.)

Weekday Gymboree Moms Who Give Dads The “Stink” Eye

I took a day off to spend with my daughter after the 4th, I like to do these days off once in awhile since my little girl is growing up like a weed. I thought is would be fun to take her to a Gymboree class - she normally goes on Saturday’s with the weekend crowd – which is MUCH different from the weekday crowd. I was the only Dad there among a crowd of moms who dressed their kids as if they were going to a fashion show. Next time I take her, I’m dressing as Gymbo the clown and putting a monkey costume on my daughter.
I did overhear some moms talking about another mom who had a boob job. That was cool; they looked natural.
The day was fun; we drew, colored, made play-doh pancakes, watched about 20 minutes of Cinderella/Finding Nemo, and chalked the driveway. Then she asked if she could drive the car.
I told her O.K., only if she uses the potty.

What? Some Crazy Man To Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer For 12 Hours To Raise Money For The Make-A-Wish Foundation
I absolutely love this foundation. The wife and I over the years have worked with the organization and this is something truly original that’s worth mentioning. A friend of a friend, David Roberts, does a marathon to raise money for them. Last year he raised 20k and was able to grant 3 wishes.
If you want to help his cause, you can do so here (be sure to put David Roberts name in there.) If you want to read more about the Make-A-Wish foundation check it out here.
Good luck David! If you ever do a Golden Girls one, I’m totally flying to Chicago.


Absolutely Bananas said...

now I totally have to google "a bee peeing"

carrie said...

I'm stumped by the bee peeing search as well. Thank god for the crazy people, I guess!!!


DJ Kirkby said...

How do you find out about those crazy people who stumble upon your blog? Well I know how you found me obviously but how about the ones in this post?! I loved the bit about 'gymboree' I just posted something similar (but from an Autism frinedly viewpoint) yesterday.

Rebecca said...

ditto for the bee pee thing.

David said...

Thanks for posting this Tony. IF anyone sponsors me, please put my name under participant name which is David Roberts. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this. Have a great weekend

Whit said...

Duh, bee's pee. That's where honey comes from.

Chopski said...

Honey is bee's pee? That's taking the piss!!
Best time to go to the dentist? Tooth hurty!! Sorry couldn't resist!

painted maypole said...

Wow! When I lived in LA I went to see Thai Elvis all the time. Perhaps we ate there together at the same time! :) And although I'm not a shushi fan (I know, I know, it's like heresey to say that in LA) the disco part of Tokyo Delves was always fun, and those magicians at The Magic Castle. I sat right next to them. Where did they put that coin?

fun memories, thanks!

Darren said...

Those L.A. restaurants make ours in Connecticut sound so stuffy and...Connecticut. I miss the city.

Dad Stuff said...

Does KFC have sleepwear that says 'Little Drummies"?

I dare you to go to Gymboree dressed as Jed and Ellie Mae Clampett.

Lisa said...

I was checking out my search phrases yesterday. All I can say is there's some WEIRD people out there! LOL

mrsmogul said...

Play-doh pancakes? YUM!!! I have never been to Gymboree. Fashion show eh? This is why I just bought my baby his fifth pair of designer shoes. He's got to look good for these things :)

Quirkee James said...
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Quirkee James said...

That is a load of weird searches! Funny post. Great Make a Wish Foundation fundraiser! I'm going to check that out.

radioactive girl said...

That gymboree thing was very funny!

I will check out the make a wish site.

Em said...

Buffy...I couldn't do it. But 12 hours of LOST or X-Files, I'm in!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

My searches are nowhere near as cool as yours.

L.A. Daddy said...

I love the Magic Castle. The Sunday brunch is the best - kids can come, casual clothes, and a breakfast buffet! Life is good.

creative-type dad said...

L.A. Daddy - I wonder what age kids are able to go. I can't imagine toddlers being there. I'll have to check...

aimee / greeblemonkey - You need to write more about midgets. That seems to trigger the freaks.

mrsmogul - I'm getting this feeling you're going to love gymboree!

painted maypole - how cool! Yeah, I would be the one in the front singing along with Thai Elvis.

beta mum said...

I love looking at the search items people are really looking for when they end up with me.
One of them wanted "big clitoris" and must have been sorely disappointed.
Another sought information on "where to go cottaging in south west uk". Not something I've ever tackled on my blog. But there's always tomorrow...

pixie said...

Hey, great post! Thanks for playing! And I love the mention of Tokyo Delves! When I lived in So Cal we went there every year for my birthday!