Monday, May 11, 2009

Back From Paris and Oprah Buys Me KFC

It’s strange how much the world can change in just a few weeks since we’ve been gone. And huge things too like the worldwide swine flu epidemic and Oprah’s KFC scandal.

Our last week in Paris was fantastic. The weather was in the 60’s mostly sunny with no rain, and days were spent walking, visiting parks picnicking while my daughter enjoyed huge playgrounds (most with entrance fee’s - even for the swings!), carousels, sailboats in large fountains, and sometimes uncomfortably violent preschool puppet shows.
The French puppet shows always involved a popular character named Guignol chasing somebody with an axe or beating anybody over the head with a broom. When he starts at it the kids, and a few adults, would all stand up and start yelling (in French) things like, “Go Guignol!”, “Beat him! Beat him!”, “Make him firewood!!”
It totally brought back memories of my birthday party piƱata experience (link here.)

The other great part of the trip was my daughter making friends with kids on the playgrounds (both English and non-English speakers) and the wife and I making small chat with the parents. They had some thoughts on the Guignol shows too -- predominantly that the shows have been toned down.

I guess he use to set others on fire...? That would definitely explain the “Make him firewood!” screams.

For those interested I’ll be posting on my review blog “Traveling to Paris with Young Kids” recommendations sometime next week.

Oprah Fried Kentucky

What was KFC thinking?

Of course billions of people are going to run in trying to redeem their free coupon.

I don’t know who came up with that promotion idea, but they should be fired and their portion of Kentucky Grilled Chicken should be sent to me.

What perfect timing for Father's Day ...


furiousBall said...

"uncomfortably violent preschool puppet shows"

i think i just found my band's new name

painted maypole said...

wow - i've seen some of those puppet shows. I remember being a bit surprised... and I was a kid!

Artist Unplugged said...

Violent puppet shows, hmmmm, I bet Topo Gigio could calm them down! Yea, KFC chicken you can eat!

dead beat daddy-o said...

Carrie Fisher is hot. But not as hot as free KFC chicken. I think the person who created the promotion should be given a raise. I hadn't thought about KFC in years and all the sudden it's trapped in my psyche.

Nomad said...

Kentucky Fried Chicken serving grilled chicken? hopefully they won't have to change their name to KF&GC (awkward!)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Have you tried the grilled chicken from KFC? Let me know your verdict dude.

Man, after looking at your Paris pictures, I thought yeah maybe I should jump on the Eurostar and get to Paris for a weekend when I'm in the UK this summer. Will see, will see...

creative-type dad said...

The Real Mother Hen -- Go! And bring me back lots of wine.
I'm not too impressed with the chicken. I still prefer popcorn chicken.