Friday, May 07, 2010

Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas!

I asked my daughter what she wanted do for my wife this year for Mother’s Day and she immediately answered with:

“Go shopping to buy me an Ariel dress! And maybe mommy can get one too.”

We did something a little different this year; she’s been practicing her “Pegasus unicorn running into a rainbow” art for a few weeks, maybe months, now so I had one of the better ones put on a shirt from this place (

It's pretty awesome. (What’s even more awesome is a discount code “dads25”.)
When we got it in the mail my daughter instantly requested one for herself and her friends at school as they've starting a Pegasus Unicorn Team now - it's an alternative to the Dragon Team the boys at school have started.

We’ve also been contemplating what else my daughter wants to make for Mother's Day. Maybe some cool and funny Mother’s Day themed snack from a recipe off this site (link), or one of these interesting cards (link.) I’m sure we’ll come up with something once I suspiciously tell my wife to go get a pedicure or go on a trip to the nearby KFC on Saturday so we can make anything.

We'll see...

But for those looking for a last-minute idea on what to get your wife or mom on Sunday AND really impress her, there’s always my famous flower bunch toting Lionel Richie printable with complementary Lionel Richie paper craft sculpture:

"You're once, Twice, Three Times A Lady. Happy Mother's Day!"

Lionel Richie Paper craft toy

Because really, nothing says Happy Mother’s Day quite like “You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady” from Lionel.


painted maypole said...

well done. i'm lucky my kid goes to school or I would get nothing on Mother's Day otherwise.

ArtistUnplugged said...

That is something special for sure, a wonderful trifecta.

Melinda said...

Yeah, I have never got the once, twice, three times thing. It makes me cringe a bit.
It's a good thing other mothers would really like it more. I am sure Mrs. Creative Mom is going to love it!
Give her the T-shirt first.

Scott said...

That's hilarious--especially the Lionel Richie paper toy! But my mother turns 76 next month--I don't think she'd understand that one!

dizi izle said...

thank you

Taylor said...

Oh my gosh I love you. My mom has always loved a few commodores songs, and we both have the same weird sense of humor, so Lionel richie gifts are a big thing for holidays. Her birthday is in a few days and I found your blog after Lennymud's "is it tea you're looking for" mug made it onto my Facebook. Thanks for all the fun stuff. I think dear mommy will be getting a coloring book type card and teapot for her birthday!