Thursday, October 19, 2006

Random Thoughts for Oct. 19

I don't really have anything to write about. So here's a bunch of stuff on my mind right now.

*I think I mentioned Kentucky Fried Chicken about 80 times this week during random conversations at work. Subconsciously, I really want one of those Little Chicken sandwich-things.

*We NetFlixed "Thank Your For Smoking" and "Click", I was laughing during the entire "Smoking" movie and "Click" really surprised me - it was a little depressing and had a "family message" in it. Is Adam Sandler growing up?

*After listening to Sting talk about his new album "Songs from the Labyrinth" on NPR, I bought it off iTunes. It's actually pretty good, but it makes me want to go to sleep in a castle, in the Irish countryside, in the year 1678.

*The U.S. just hit 300 million people this week. Scary!

*While at Disneyland last Saturday, I overheard a conversation of 2 teen guys in line for Space Mountain talk about how "hot" the girl playing Ariel was. It reminded me of my friends and I in college trying to pick up on the chicks who were costumed characters. At the time, I thought it would be cool to get "Belle's" number.

*My daughter went in for her 15-month check up.
She's in the 90th percentile for hieght and 50th for weight. I don't think I've ever met a parent whose kid is in the 50th for everything - does that kid exist?

*Fried Coke? First state fairs started deep frying Oreos, Candy Bars, Twinkies, Pickles on a stick and now Coke. I'm going to be the first to suggest deep frying butter and putting it on a stick. I'll make millions!

*Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.
I didn't want to see this movie when I first heard of it. But now that Kazakhstan is upset… I want to see it. On Netflix though.

*Work just gave me a new laptop - 17" MacBook Pro - Sweet! Has anybody tried Photo Booth? Some of the pictures I take of myself look pretty scary with all of the effects. Everybody around here got new Macs (I've always been on one) but now we all share the scariest pictures, hang them up around the office, and try to guess who it is.


Ryan said...

I haven't seen Thank you for Smoking yet, but I really want to.

Those were alot of random thoughts today.

sandy said...

You haven't lived until you've tried fried macaroni and cheese!

Anonymous said...

OK - I Netflixed Thank You For Smoking this week and we're gonna watch it for sure now.

Fried Coke is my husband's dream food.

I have a Macbook and I have a love/hate thing with it. It is sexy and Photobooth is a blast, BUT the OS is still buggy. And I am a lifelong Mac user (1983, baby) so it take A LOT of being annoyed for me to say my Mac is, well, super annoying.

Also, I heart KFC.

But dude, fried mac and cheese? Where do I sign up?

Angel Baby said...

Deep fried junk food. GREAAAAT. What the hell are people doing to themselves?

I just found out that Dave has been having fast food regularly and now I'm freaking out about it. I haven't talked to him about it yet, but what to do? It's his body, right? I really want to believe that, but honestly it's my body too- and I need him to take care of it so he lives longer. Effing Burger King! (rant, rant...)

radioactive girl said...

All that fried food is crazy! I would love to try it but I would be scared that I would like it too much! Plus, anything fried always gives me a stomach ache (even french fries!) Butter on a stick fried? Better patent it quick before someone steals the idea!

Diana said...

if you like spicy, try the buffalo snacker. Yummy. I have KFC like once every four months or so, but that's what I usually get now...
Click surprised me when it got all serious, I wasn't expecting that. I don't think Adam is growing up, I think he's messing with our minds!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Um, how does one fry Coke? I'm afraid to even find out.

Oh, and damn you. Damn you very much. Now I am jonesing for KFC.

Diana said...

Second thought: is that one of your scary pics at the top of the post? If so, I'm sooooo glad the baby must look like your wife...LOL!

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Diana - Yup! that's one of my scary picts. I look like some freakish cartoon character. The good part is, nobody at work reconized me. (phew!).....buffalo snacker? I must try. Now.

Mrs. Chicky - I'm not sure how one fries coke. I saw a clip on YouTube and it doesn't make sense.

sandy - fried mac and cheese? I hope it's on a stick.

T. said...

Yummy, KFC. And I'm stuck out in the freaking sticks, so thanks for getting me thinking of that!

I love photobooth. The kids and I have a gas taking crazy pics and then emailing them to the family!

Kristen said...

Mmm, deep fried butter. I think I just had a mini-heart attack when I wrote that.

I love that your office is hanging up the goofy pictures. I'd like to work at a place like that.

L.A. Daddy said...

You have a job... that GIVES you MAC stuff?! Really?!


That's not fair. I'm forced to work with PCs at work and go home to my nice, safe, warm, comfy MACs.

dadinprogress said...

fried mac and cheese is the world's best. cheesecake factory serves it as a starter. and a friend made her own and it worked. everyone must try it.

one of my particular favorites recently also is the authentically made and fried corn dog. anything on a stick is finger licking good.

and i also love photobooth. great time waster. love the one that pinches in at the nose but explodes the forehead and chin. ish i had a mac at work, but have a sweet new imac at home.

InterstellarLass said...

We rented Thank you for Smoking. We need to watch it too.

Fried butter...mmmmm...think I'll pass. But pass me a chicken wing from KFC and I'll chow down happily.

kittenpie said...

Can't wait to see Thank You for Smoking!

And the KFC thing? You know, they put special herbs ion it to make you crave it fortnightly...

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Now I'm really craving KFC....

Jeff said...

I had a whole post written and because I switched beta and your haven't it erased it! Ugh! Anyway, this is what I think I wanted to write...

Oh! I love Photo Booth. The Mirror effect is my fav. My daughter (2 1/2) cracks up taking crazy/distorted pictures of herself. The MacBook really came in handy on our flight home from Paris last month.