Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend At Disneyland's Halloweentime And The Pumpkin Patch

We went to Disneyland on Saturday with a friend, her daughter and their exchange student from some country I can't pronouce (It may be the one Borak is from - I don't know...?). Usually this time of year is perfect (traditionally light-crowds, cool weather, etc.) but they started decorating the park for Halloween this year and now everybody and their neighbors pack the place - it's looked like a Summer Saturday. It's amazing to me that all Disneyland needs to do is put up decorations and people flock to the place like moths to a lightbulb. Overall we had fun, there's nothing quite like taking my daughter to Disneyland, it's like everything is visual overload for her.
Anyhow, we did something unlike us; we stayed until the park closed - nearly 1am. We're never doing that again - imagine a 15-month old staying up late and then waking up at the usually time the next day. The result is a cranky kid.

Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch called Lombardi Ranch way out in a place called Saugus (where the requirement to live there is a huge truck, SUV and an RV parked on the street). This pumpkin patch is actually really cool. They have corn mazes, tractor rides, farm animals, play areas for kids, and lots of junk food. I love the junk food!

We met some friends there who have a little girl who's only a few months older than our daughter. Watching them both was pretty entertaining for us adults. Between the other Dad and I we probably took about 6,000 pictures (Typical first kid syndrome, I know.)
An interesting part of our visit was the scarecrow contest in the sunflower fields. Local schools and scout troops did most of them. I was laughing at some boy scouts scarecrows who created monsters with blood and a sign that read "Pack 885 is coming to get YOU!!!"

And right next to that was the girl scouts (same age 9/10) with a rainbow and happy scarecrows picking flowers with a my little pony horses.

I kept thinking, when my daughter is that age, she'll probably work on a Colonel Sanders scarecrow holding a bucket of unhappy crows. That'll show them crows!


Waya said...

That sounded like a nice weekend. Your daughter looks like "BamBam" in The Flinstones with her hair up like that, but of course cuter!!

Kara said...

your girl is starting to look like the one on you banner. SO cute!

InterstellarLass said...

How fun! Maybe more like Pebbles.

Entertainment Weekly has a really good article on Sascha Baron Cohen and the Borat movie coming out. I can't wait to see it. It's painful to watch the people he interviews!

T. said...

I'm so stealing your Colonel Sanders scarecrow idea.

Too funny!

As for the differences between a boy and a girl, welcome to my world. It's a constant battle between rainbows and sparkles and skull and crossbones.

L.A. Daddy said...

Oh, I can't wait! Our pumpkin patch trip is coming up. L.A. Toddler is more excited about 'punkins' than Halloween!

radioactive girl said...

I have one daughter that is all sparkles and sunshine, and one son who is more like the monsters. My other two (daughter and son) are in the middle, changing from day to day so I wouldn't be sure which they would choose. Sounds like a great time! I don't know that *I* could stay up until 1am, and if I did, I certainly wouldn't want to have to take care of my kids the next morning when they woke up! People keep telling me that someday, my kids can be awake and I can still be sleeping. I'm waiting for that day!(Yikes, I think I sound sufficently old now)

junebee said...

The exchange student was probably thinking "WTF?" about all the Halloween stuff.

I remember when my (Chinese) husband watched kids bobbing for apples. I said, "see, you can tell your parents that American kids stick their heads in buckets of water as part of a holiday tradition."

Her Bad Mother said...

I can hardly stand the cuteness.

And it's Borat. Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Ruth Dynamite said...

Kentucky Fried Crow? Tastes like chicken, so I've heard.

dadinprogress said...

tis the season for the great pumpkin search. we did the same over the weekend and had a ball.

my daughters are both all about the sparkles, glitter and shine. and shoes are no good unless they click a lot when you walk.

your daughter is so sweet.

MrsFortune said...

Kazakstan (sp?) That's where' Borat is supposedly from but I heard that the Kazaks are really pissed at Sacha Baren Coehn (sp?) for doing that.

Anyway your daughter is unbelievably gorgeous!

Mmmm ... junk food.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

MrsFortune - Honestly, I think he's doing a service to that country. Before him, nobody knew it existed.

T. - you must post the colonel-crow if you do it!

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