Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bugaboo dad

About 3 months before our daughter was born my wife said we needed to buy a stroller. "Oh, and its going to cost $729". "Uhhh. I don't think so" was my immediate response. Then the trip to Babies-R-Us was taken, and that changed everything.
I usually associate strollers, and now pretty much all baby merchandise, as some of the most unsightly things ever made. Sure, they're functional- but why the ugly?
Then came a stroll into Right Start and there it was. If James Bond had a baby (which there could have been many) that was the one he would have left on Plenty O'Toole's doorstep just before fighting Dr. Evil. I mean, Dr. No.
$729 still seemed pretty high-then came Craigslist, a guy named Barbara and a meeting in front of Vroman's bookstore. The rest is history.
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