Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wills: my child will go to...

Things probably would have turned out differently for Harry Potter if James and Lily had made a will. Consumer Reports Money Advisor reports that 60% of people have no Will, most just avoid the topic and would willingly let the state decide their kid’s fate. It could be the cost of making a Will, $500 from an Estate Lawyer, but these days you can buy WillMaker on a PC for $50 and do it from home. Maybe its just hard trying to decide from a likely short list of people with questions like "Are they like us?” "Would they have room?” I don't like their taste in cars--They bought an Aztec for God sake!” I, on the other hand have decided someone who can provide, has the funds, has room, will vacation the same places I like (or like to go)- Bill and Melinda Gates-I'll just have to run this by my wife first.
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