Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fancy pants and chandeliers

Kids rooms are out of control and I blame it on HGTV. I'm also guilty of giving in to the pressure, as both a designer and new dad. I jumped in, like trying to win some contest out of "Design on a Dime". The result: our daughter's room is the nicest place in the house and at 4 weeks old she knows it. How?-she spelled it in her diaper. Well, not really. One of the best deals and most commented pieces is the chandelier. The idea originated from Maura Daniel Studio, a husband and wife team out of L.A., who create very beautiful and elegant lighting for children and adults alike. Prices are for those whose budget is a million dollars-- give or take a few dollars. Ours, in the picture above, is from Target (our new favorite store, again). They had a pink base with colored gems and we added the shades, with a few trips to fabric store, International Silks and Woolen on Beverly in L.A. Now, onto the rest of the house...
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