Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where's the Drive-In movie theater?

Remember going to the movies and choosing "drive-in" or "walk-in"? Well, after having a new baby I want to hear those words again. My wife and I use to go to the movies all the time. Things change when you have a newborn and your baby isn't old enough for a sitter just yet, but some new flick you really want to see just came out (and taking a baby to a theater just isn't very civilized). Wouldn't a drive-in make sense? Baby cries - just roll-up the window or turn up the radio. I just read how there's an explosion of new drive-ins happening in Texas, the Midwest and overseas (!?) like Germany and Norway! Here in L.A. our remaining haunts are now transformed into shady weekend swap meets and on occasion play old unpopular titles like Fletch Lives. Movies that would even make 'the Fonze' avoid the place
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