Friday, August 12, 2005

Guy in a chicken suit

Driving to work the other day I saw a guy (or gal?) running through an ordinary park in a chicken suit. The oddest part was- without even thinking - I wanted to go home, put on a bear costume and chase after the chicken with an axe. Maybe with some Benny Hill music playing in the background just to make it more exciting. What was really going on is that they were filming a piece for the sitcom "Joey".
Conclusion: The human mind plays tricks when your new baby wakes you during the night. And always carry an axe.
  • Chicken Suits for Chickens
  • Chicken Suits for People
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

    nappyfever said...

    That's funny, the other day I saw a man dressed as a fox. So I immediately went home, got my girlfriend to dress as horse and rode her down the high street in pursuit, with local children leading the way, baying like hounds.

    What was really going on was an armed robbery at the chicken factory.

    nappyfever said...

    Congrats by the way.

    It's good to be a dad!

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