Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"I'll have my toddler call yours.."

I'm sure this will be all the rage with preschoolers and kindergardeners in just a few short years. We all knew it was coming-why get the Target plastic toy cellphone when you get the real deal. But do young kids really need a cell phone? Disney is planning a nation wide service geared towards parents with young kids next year. Along with LeapFrog, Mattel's MyScene, Hasbro. and also word around the campfire is that Warner Bros. is possibly jumping on the bandwagon too. All claim to be after the "tween" set of 7-12 year olds. But everything trickles down eventually to the younger set. Kind of scary, but then few years back I never expected all these crazy teenagers to have cells. Until then, I won't be expecting a call from my daughter "Daddy, I made poo-poo..."
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