Friday, January 20, 2006

Finally! "Wubbcast" Video Podcast for Preschoolers

It's about time somebody thought of 'the children' when it comes to video podcasts. All video podcast these days are geared towards adults, like making drinks (Tiki Bar TV), bunnies who aren't afraid to bleed (Happy Tree Friends), and French Maids who enjoy a little pillow fight here or there in hotel rooms (not that that's such a bad thing...). But what about stuff for the youngins? Thankfully, I found a really cool video podcast called "Kangcast" that has some pretty creative short cartoons that are somewhat kid-friendly. Channel Frederator came out a few months back with 'some' O.K.-kid shorts (like a kid and his dog, or panda's with lollipops- but they died at the end choking on them) mixed in with wenches flashing rock star pirates. Man, imagine that...the life of a pirate AND rock star. Charlie Sheen would be all over that.
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