Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Steve Jobs: One mean Apple

Steve Jobs is an evil man. I never thought I would say it but he is. After weeks of reading the “Apple Rumor” sites, I was fully expecting something really cool today at the Macworld Expo, like this so-called Mac Mini DVR, or Airport with streaming video, or 42” “Plasma” T.V. or better yet, 50” T.V. maybe with DVR inside. Or an iPod that can read your mind and order Pizza from Shakey’s. The least he could do was release something cool. But no, just another notebook and iMac with Intel chips. Hey Steve Jobs, I got a message for you..”So freakin’ what!!” And to think I was measuring my entertainment center last night expecting to put an Apple Plasma T.V. that could hold a million songs and record every episode of Baywatch, in HD! You let me down Steve Jobs! Great, now the baby's crying...thanks again Steve Jobs!!!
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