Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kiddie Spa's and $65 facials

I had a strange feeling in my stomach when "day spa's" started opening everywhere in my neighborhood the last few years and I knew these places were waiting to get the girls and their parents wallets. Late last year a fancy HUGE Glen Ivy opened near our house and my wife started going. Which isn't bad, she's an adult and I don't mind. But would you really let your 7 or 9 year old get a $65 facial, $30 pedicure, or $100 "works" package with makeup?! Libby Lu's started arriving here in L.A. last year where tween girls can have makeup parties (which pile the stuff one like a clown) and dress them up like hoochie-mama's, and at the other side of the spectrum Disney World's Downtown Disney's new place Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is opening gearing girls up to look a like a real princess. Most spas’ now have kid packages that charge mom and dad adult prices. I can assure one thing, my daughter isn't going to get a $100 facial, unless maybe it's at Target, her birthday, and I have a coupon.
  • Libby Lu
  • Orlando Sentinel: Girls can look their bibbidi bobbidi best
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