Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Movie Theater Experience - Commercials?! Just like TV

Last year my wife and I got to see 2 whole movies in the theater. Never in my life have I ever been to a theater only twice in a year. So when we had recently gone to see the new Harry Potter, I noticed some things that made me not want to go in the future and just stay home to watch the DVD 2-3 months later. In-your-face commercials! And really annoying ones too about cars, pizza, soda, TV shows that suck, etc. for a full 30 minutes before the movie previews started (another 15 minutes of annoyance). My only question was "Why isn't this movie free, much cheaper, or why aren't they paying me!", after all those commercials I should get something in return, instead of paying them $10 to watch commercials! I just read about how movie theater attendance for 2005 was at its lowest since 1997. Theater owners - Stop annoying people with commercials! Not long ago there were no TV commercials. Just slides for local car dealerships, realtors, and trivia about M.I.A. actors like Steve Gutenberg. I can take that, but loud TV ads-Give me a Break!!! Until that changes, my theater experience is at home, commercial-free, with the Netflix. Even a 3D Baywatch movie won't bring me back.
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