Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Little girls playing Princess - is it such a bad thing?

I read this interesting article comment today about a feminist mother's conclusion concerning her 4-year old daughter's love of dressing up like a princess. I've had a few discussions with other parents who absolutely hate the fact that their daughters like to play dress up or play princess for fear that they'll ultimately grow weak, become subservient to men, join a sorority, waitress at Hooters, or worse - cheerleader for some state football team! As for my daughter, I really don't mind. Most girls grow out of it when they hit kindergarden/1st grade anyway. And discounts on the chicken wings wouldn't be a bad incentive either (that was a joke).
  • Chicago Tribune: Playing princess doesn't mean we're helpless
  • Chicago Tribune: Sick and tired of those princesses (Free registration required)
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