Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Friends on HGTV July 12th!

Something exciting happened recently that's definitely worth mentioning - Our friends Steve & Rick recently bought a house in Echo Park (near downtown L.A.) and were featured on HGTV's new show "Urban Outsiders" (with Matt James "The City Gardener".) They completely recreated their backyard which before the transformation - looked horribly gaudy from the previous owner (she was some kind of hippie-artist really into mermaids and unicorn "type" art...) The show date -August 2nd.
Rick blogged about the whole experience here. My wife and I were pretty excited to see the final results when they had their big "reveal" BBQ. In fact, so excited we've been thinking of how we can get on some show to redo our backyard. If only a bag of cash fell from the sky...

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