Sunday, July 23, 2006

It’s Hot Outside! Even For Tom Jones

It’s not the scorching heat this weekend that we’re getting out here in L.A. (108) that I’ll remember in a year or 2, or 10 from now. Or even the loads of freelance that I need to get done by Monday. It’s the Tom Jones concert my wife and I went to last night at the Hollywood Bowlwhich absolutely rocked! If you’ve never seen him in concert, I HIGHLY recommend seeing him at least one time in your lifetime. You really don’t need to know any of his music to truly enjoy the show. This is my 6th time seeing him…. yes, 6 (4 in Las Vegas, and now 2 in L.A.) and the man can’t only sing, but is quite possibly the best entertainer alive (that I’ve ever seen).
What other concerts can you go and see underwear being flung, thrown, and catapulted onto the stage? Definitely at no Tom McGraw concert (I think they shoot into the air with their unchecked pistols - which can be very dangerous).

I remember the first time, 10 years ago, when I went to my first Tom Jones concert in Las Vegas; I thought I would be the youngest person there in a sea of vacationing senior citizens. That wasn’t the case al all, it was a mixture of really crazy old folks (the flapper kind with fading tattoos, big hair, and clothes with embedded glitter and stones), funky European 20-somethings, and other odd people like myself whose older uncles and grandmothers listened to him while growing up. While other grandmothers were listening to Perry Como, mine loved Dean Martin, Barry White, Tom Jones, and Rod Stewart. I never could get into Rod Stewartthat guy is a freak! Tom Jones, and the others are just plain cool.

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Her Bad Mother said...

I saw Tom about 8 years ago. With MY MOTHER. Who just about lost her panties. Now that I think about, she probably DID lose her panties. Which, yes, is disturbing. But I was totally distracted by the show.

It was *that* good.