Friday, July 28, 2006

What? Chef Boyardee isn’t a real Chef…

I’m a horrible cook. And the sad thing is my Dad use to cook pretty well, and a whole lot better than my Mom (he could even install ceramic tile and change a car’s timing belt- at the same time!) My family had high hopes for me; thinking I would ‘inherit’ the knowledge threw some gene. But I was an artist through and through…even to the point of not really getting ‘sports’ (still don’t).
When I went off to college it was no wonder that I lost nearly 20 pounds in my first 2 months (I once heard it was suppose to be the other way around?). My grandmother thought I discovered crack, ‘Scooby snacks’ or worse…became a ‘vegan’! (BTW-she thought that was a cult) I didn’t. I just couldn’t make, or cook, anything. My grandmother even tried giving me canned food. But I just couldn’t get myself to eat that stuff. I tried SPAM for the first time when I was 19 and didn’t know what quite to make of it.
My diet consisted of Water, Cup-A-Noodles, Top Ramen, PB&J, Cookies, Fruity Pebbles, Capt’n Crunch (with Berries)… I didn’t have much cash (like the other kids in the schoolyard), so I didn’t eat out a lot.

But something miraculous happened, “Jack in the Box” (a fast food place out here) had a corporate PR scare at the time. They were thought to be using Kangaroo meat on some of their products and didn’t know (or tell) people about it until some undercover news exposed it. Jack in the Box became a ghost town; they even started using real meat again, but nobody showed up. Except me! They ran this promotion selling 3 deep-fried tacos for $1. AND 1 burger, 1 deep-fried taco, and fries for $1. I didn’t care if it was dog or monkey meat, anything deep-fried makes anything taste better.

What does this have to do with Chef Boyardee? Nothing.
Why are you writing about this? I’m not sure. It’s a blog for crying out loud.

BUT, A few points here:
1. If your kid is going off to college. Show them how to make something. In case you didn’t know, fast food isn’t healthy.
2. Besides the ‘art’ lessons I plan on giving my daughter (and 1 more future kid), I want to make sure they know how to cook and not judge Kangaroo meat too harshly. If it’s good enough for “them Aussie’s” then it’s good enough for me.


Ryan said...

Oh yes, I remember the three tacos for $1.00. Was this between 1993-1994 by any chance? That's when I used to spend my lunches at The Box.

Pickle's Papa said...

I've had a post in the pipe for a week while I was on vacation in reaction to your KFC post, and now I dont know what post to link my reference to you now - because this may actually be more relevant. I'm too lazy too change it.

It'll be out on Monday.

Waya said...

So that was why my hubbie went out with me in college. We were dating then and my Mom made great Vietnamese food and I would freeze them and then I had to share it with him. Hmm!! And he said it was my long hair.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

ryan- yes it was around that time. Although I never called it 'the box'. It was always 'Jack on the Crack' to me

waya- i wouldn't be surprised!

Overwhelmed! said...

My dad has always been a better cook than my mom. He learned how to cook from my grandmother and from his time in Vietnam.

My brothers, they're okay cooks but not as good as my dad.

Me, I'm not such a great cook (I like to bake, not cook). My husband has the potential to be a great cook, when he gets motivated to do it. He makes a KILLER Italian marinara sauce from scratch!!

mrsmogul said...

I love cooking though only started five years ago. It all started when I joined the cult of VEGANISM! (Shhh don;t tell your grandma!)

We cook almost daily but once in awhile deep fried food is good! Hell every cook up tempura? Just dipped veggies in oil! YUM!

radioactive girl said...

My husband has never cooked except once when we first started dating. He made me home made pasta and it was wonderful. After that I think he remembered what his dad told him about keeping expectations low so he has the potential for huge surprises later and has never cooked again. I know he *can* cook, since he did that one time, he just *won't*. I think me doing his laundry in college is how we ended up married though.

Kristen said...

LOL. I survived on Ramen Noodles and chex mix. And the occasional pint of Hagen Dasz raspberry sorbet. You know, for my fruits and veggies. (I was all about the health.)