Thursday, March 16, 2006

Back from Kauai!

So we're back, refreshed (sort of), and back into the daily routine. I have some thoughts about Hawaii (well, only Kauai since we didn’t visit any other island, except Honolulu’s airport). Good and some not so good, but overall the place was picturesque but not exactly what we expected. Not sure if that’s because we chose Kauai over Fiji or that we’ve been to other Polynesian places like Tahiti (and really nothing tops that!) and our expectations were too high or because all the enthusiastic reviews about visiting Kauai really weren’t “all that and a bag of chips”. It did rain allot the last few days, which accounted for that horrible dam break in Kilauea. When we were there, there were lots of reports on home floodings in the news and newspapers.
I’ll be putting up a photo-log of places we stayed, saw, visited, etc. Some are great recommendations for infant-friendly, and not at all child friendly places or “touristy-attractions”. Also some really great places to eat - my favorite part of any trip. It’s all coming soon…

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Anonymous said...


We're going to Kauai at the end of August with my daughter who will be 9 months then. I found your sight looking for those elusive baby-friendly recommendations for Kauai, and came across your mention posting recommendations, but I don't see any. I'd appreciate any advice.