Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patrick’s Day at the Office

Some day’s I just feel like a complete idiot. This morning I unconsciously wore a shade-of-green shirt and while walking through the office halls I realized that I had made a huge mistake. Everybody (well, the older women types who normally wear those hand-made Christmas sweaters with puffy paint) is wearing some form of a green shirt – it looks like some ghetto office baseball team. Now I’m too embarrassed to even walk to the water cooler or bathroom without somebody popping up from a cubicle, like a mole, saying something like “Hey! St Patty’s day, huh?!”. Or somebody who baked saying “Have a cookie to match your shirt!” I might as well paint my face green and ride a tricycle.
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    IzzyMom said...

    Puffy paint...rofl. You nailed that one!

    Cookie to match your shirt?

    MrsFortune said...

    Ooh, I love those x-mas sweaters!!! Really, what other use could we possibly think of for puffy paint? Aside from halloween sweaters, easter sweaters, valentine's day sweaters ...