Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dancing, Skating, Boxing with (Marginal) Celebrities

Am I the only one bothered by these cheesy T.V. shows with these so-called celebrities? I count real celebrities as actors actually working, and somewhat internationally known. A football player, or "star" of a reality show from 6 years ago isn't a celebrity in my book. To make my point- Harrison Ford, Nicole Kidman, Governor "Arnie", even David Hasselhoff (remember HUGE in Germany) celebrities. Giselle Fernandez? Kenny Mayne? Jerry Rice? Bruce Jenner? And....who are these people? Honestly...never heard of them, so therefore not real celebrities. On that skating one maybe- Todd Bridges (Glad rehab worked out for him, again) Debbie "Deborah" Gibson, well O.K. (I had a lunch, date, or uh...thing, with pre-Deborah sometime ago... That's a story for another day.) So the day I'll start watching these "Celebrity" shows is when Sean Connery does the hustle. On Ice.
  • ABC: Dancing with the Stars
  • Fox: Skating with Celebrities

    InterstellarLass said...

    Fox always goes one step cheesier. I actually liked Dancing with the Stars. But I also like to watch ballroom dancing competitions. For real.

    Betty said...

    I agreed with interstellarlass, Fox always copies other shows but it's cheesy as heck! I don't know why they removed one of my favorite shows on ABC, "Six Degree" what's wrong with the audience out there? Noone likes good shows any more?