Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Swearing in public when kids are around

So my wife, daughter, and I were eating at some local 'casual dining restaurant' over the weekend and a few tables away was this huge group of people (mixture of kids and adults) that looked like they've just come from a little league baseball game. Maybe this is something I've never noticed before or paid much attention to, but this one dad-type guy was swearing it up to the other dads in some intense conversation about sports. He was so loud his face was turning red. It made practically everybody in the place really uncomfortable since most people there had young kids. The other parents with him didn't say anything, not even give a glance or some distressed look. It totally reminded me of that scene in that George Pal movie "The Time Machine" when Weena falls into the river and nobody does anything - just kind of look away and ignore it. Is this what we've come too? Are people just so afraid of these crass adults that they just try to ignore it? I was almost ready to use a line my George Carlin-type uncle once said to a guy swearing at a kids party long ago, "Hey Buddy, watch your F***in language! There's kids around".

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MrsFortune said...

I absolutely hate this. My husband has almost gotten into fights with people over this - asking them not to swear. People don't take too kindly to it, as you might imagine. And I'm no saint, believe me, I just pay attention.