Thursday, March 23, 2006

CD Swapping at

I just signed up for something today that allows people to swap something called a "Music CD" (Remember those things, and record stores? Seems like only yesterday...). iPod, P2P, and iTunes seem to have killed that old-school concept. This service is a good idea for somebody like me because between my wife and I, we have something like 122,413 of these things stored all over the house - in closets, boxes, etc. collecting dust. No, we really don't have that many, but it seems like it. Anyhow, this service allows users to swap CD's with others and provides Netflix style envelopes to do it. It costs $1.49 (with shipping) to swap. I wish I could just sell and not receive though. Or maybe I can sell them to some still-surviving record store for a 3-cent credit, or just have a garage sale and sell them 10 for $1.
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