Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mini is sleeping in her room!

Yes, at 7-months old, in her crib, for the last week. There are probably millions of parents out there that'll probably say " big deal" to this. But this is a big deal to us. Our daughter has been sleeping in a co-sleeper, in our room, since day 1. Sometimes she even sneaks into our bed early in the morning, from which from what I've heard, can be good or bad. Depending on who you’ve talk to and what they've read. She's actually sleeping for about 9-10 hours now with maybe one wake-up call during the night in her room - the one we spent millions on creating...well, maybe not millions. Anyhow, to all those who say a baby should sleep with you until age 2 so she'll be able to get into Harvard, good luck with that and with 30k tuition. I'm happy for you, save lots of cash now. For those who want their baby to sleep in their own crib/room without "letting them cry" just like us, just keep at it. Of all the books we've read, nothing really worked. So you rely on something people use to do called intuition, and then 'wing it'.

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IzzyMom said...

We're going throught that right now. It's damn hard. My first one was sooo easy. *sigh*