Wednesday, March 01, 2006

First tooth! Real food...and poop. Oh my

So it begins! Something happened this morning that was quite a shock. A tooth appeared. We've been checking a few times week wondering where they were. Everybody says somewhere between 4-7 months. Well, our daughter is nearly 8. But this morning we awoke to a really cranky baby - unusual for her, since she's really chatty in the morning after her coffee. Although it's very exciting to know she's growing up and will soon be eating KFC, just like daddy (well, when mommy lets him) it scares me to know that "adult food=adult sized poop" diapers are around the corner. So I'm now wondering, which adult food doesn't make adult sized poop? I would guess off hand, anything fried, beans, pickled - like olives. Or...just make sure one of our friends without children is around so you can recruit them for a diaper change! That happened to me once a long time ago, haven't been the same since.

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IzzyMom said...

They eat such small amounts it's not really a problem at that age. Big poop comes later :-)