Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Boss’s Boss, Boss’s Boss, Boss - Is In The House

Yup, he’s at work in the building today walking around stopping by people’s desks looking around and getting presentations of things were working on. This guy is really huge too (Sorry I can’t say who though for fear of waking up in a hole tomorrow morning in Antarctica just for blogging about it).

If you know anything about Hollywood there are basically 4 guys that run the entertainment world - This guy is one of them and he’s always in the trades (when he farts, people read about it the next day). When he’s with his entourage and makes a bad joke, you laugh like if Jerry Seinfeld himself said it while doing the Hustle, and you laugh like you mean it too. People at work got a little more dressed up than usual today, just in case he says “Hey you! Yeah, You! What’s your name, huh? I want you to be Executive Vice President of T.V. for Yellow Dogs!” Or something like that. And when he says it, you better be ready to say “Oh my God! I LOVE yellow Dogs, I own 10 at home and they’re all named after your old ex-wives!!” (minus the last part.)You have to be prepared for anything in this business.
I remember hearing stories about the old media mogul heads of the 1930’s and 40’s who had the power to fire secretaries and janitors who just looked at them 'funny'. Thankfully this guy isn’t like that. He’s actually pretty personable and not that eccentric. In fact, he is much, much better mogul than our old media chief.

And if this guy happens to ask me to be V.P. of everything Blue this company ever made, well then, Blue would be my new favorite color, then I would go out and buy a Porsche (a blue one, of course).


Waya said...

Wow! You work for THE Sumner Redstone (sp? and I'm guessing here)? He just fired Tom Cruise according to Blogging Baby.

Make sure you take pix of that Blue Porsche.

dennis said...

Hey IF you need anyone to help identify that specific color of blue (MR. VP) I am only a 9-10 hour plane flight away!!

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

dennis, if I get the job. You can be director of everything 'light blue'

waya- nope, not him. One of the other guys...dbqckrb

dennis said...

that might be difficult as, outside of primary colors, I tend to be a little color blind. But what the hell, I'm game!

Mr Big Dubya said...

I would hazard a guess knowing where you are but that might get you in trouble. So, when you do get that VP for ATB )All Things Blue) I would welcome the opportunity for AVP for Indigo, Royal and Sky (IRS). Thanks