Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Teaching My ‘1-Year-Old’ How To Draw – Lesson 2

I’m determined to get my daughter to draw something. Being a designer/artist myself I really want to think some type of gene passed onto my daughter. I have visions of the future -- gallery shows or great film premieres all produced by her and she getting some award and me standing among a huge crowd (in the front row, of course) clapping loudly, looking at everybody pointing and yelling “That’s Ma’ Girl!” I want that dream to come true –is that too much to ask?
After the first unsuccessful lesson at 12 months I thought I would try again at 13 - she’s older and wiser now; she has a few teeth, can walk on her own, and can say a few words too (just like great-grandma!) And when she plays with her food and throws it on the floor, it looks just like a Jackson Pollock painting -- so why not?

Preparation: 4 primary color crayons, smooth newsprint sheet of paper, and hide every distraction known to man (and toddler). Play soft classical music in the background (like they did when I was in Art School).

Bring the subject in! (I mean daughter)

I didn’t give her anything this time, just drew on the paper for a little bit while she watched, pointed, and giggled. Then she grabbed the crayon out of my hand, stared at it, and started ‘tapping’ on the little funny doodles I made. In my mind I’m thinking, “She’s drawing!! She’s actually drawing!! My spawn is drawing!!” Then she stopped, looked at the crayon and started eating it this time BITING on it (nasty!) with her teeth and peeling the paper off and ate that too.

After the crayons were wet and ‘clumpy’, she handed them to me one at a time (better than throwing them like last time), crumpled the paper, threw that at the wall and then cried for mama to rescue her from the lesson. She’s a very fervent artist; I wonder if Georgia O'Keeffe or Mary Blair started out like this.

I’ll try again next month.


Diana said...

kids never do what you want them to do.
The eating of the crayons will continue...my son still bites on them. Ugh.

Corinne said...

You could try Play-dough, since it's more plyable, and you could read all sorts of things into the sculptures she creates... although, you might develop a play-dough eating infant who carries her love for the taste of play-dough far beyond what common sense dictates as normal (as I did, sneaking bites of play-dough until I was in fourth grade or something).

Pickle's Papa said...

I dont know, but I'm pretty sure that's how Andy Warhol ended up.

Mel said...

I cannot wait to see her first true efforts... as I know you'll be posting them here... but I am also going to miss these updates on the unsuccessful attempts. Good for one (1) unholy grin whenever I read 'em. BTDT.

Waya said...

Wow! You waited a whole 1 month to start again?! Are you one of those "stage parents" that I've been seeing on TV? She's a cutie pie!

BTW, have you ever posted any of your artworks? Did I miss it?

junebee said...

When we had our 18 month checkup this summer, the doctor asked if they were using crayons. Whha-a-a-t?

So we got some crayons and tried again just today. They just want to eat them. I don't understand why they are expected to use crayons properly already. The Branch wanted to play with the box and the drawing pad and the Blossom wanted to eat the crayons, though she did get a few scribbles on the paper.

I used to love to color and draw too. I actually went to art school, but that was mostly so I didn't have to take science or math in college.

Mrs. Chicky said...

You are one gutsy man. I wouldn't let my 16 month old near a crayon. For now she can artfully display her mac and cheese on the floor. She can yell at me later for stifling her creativity.

Mama G said...

When my son was 13 months old he wouldn't give the crayon the time of day ... however, he once somehow got his hands on a red permanent sharpy pen and created the most beautiful art piece over about a 3 foot section of my CARPET and COFFEE TABLE! Ugh.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

waya -My wife has been telling me to post my sketches of my daughter. It seems like I draw her everyday, but I just haven't gotten around to scanning them...(since I have to scan at work)

mama g -I hope you took a picture!!

junebee -You would think one would escape Math by going to Art School but that wasn't the case (it was really easy though).

Corinne -Somehow I know she'll end up eating all the play-doh. I'm not looking forward to play-doh in the poop if you know what I mean...

Acemoola said...

Once you mastered the crayons move onto glueing things, then things get fun. I think kids get freaked out at first by the concept of "stickiness" and then they take off exponentially like a glue machine aiming at anything and everything. You'll be leaving the house with various paper shapes stuck to your trousers. Beware
Ace xx

Her Bad Mother said...

Sounds like good performance art to me. I mean, not even Jeff Koons has eaten his medium.

Get it on tape. Then get her to finger paint the tape, then chew on it. Meta, meta, meta.

You'll be on to something.

Anonymous said...

My daughter turns 9 months next weeks and Im already trying to start her on drawing with markers. They are washable but all shes been able to do on her own is either color her clothes or make light scratches on the paper [once the paper is partially crumpled]

Anonymous said...

My son started drawing on paper and unfortunately, my walls, at about 11 months. He now draws with pencils and pens and gets very mad when we take them away. He loves it.