Friday, August 18, 2006

Where Can A Guy Get A Decent Haircut?

I came across an article in the L.A. Times about new men’s salons popping up around town. It had me thinking--

Back in the day, years ago, I use to frequent places like Fantastic Sam’s and Supercuts, but then I had just about enough of their mistreatment and finally left them forever. Those places really suck at men’s haircuts because they’re really quick to pull out the chainsaw razor and chop your hair off in 2 minutes or less like your going off to war in 10. They never listen to what you want (because your a guy and it doesn't matter) and do there own thing. I hated it and I always walked out feeling like a stupid looking dog walking out of a groomer, minus the bows.

How did this happen? Do guys not count anymore?

When I was a kid, my Dad use to take my brother and I to a real barbershop on the bad side of town (it had the barber pole and everything). That place rocked! It was run by an older couple and the guy looked just like Abe Lincoln (he was always in the presidents day parade at Disneyland –not sure if they still do that?) and he would always take a least a half-an-hour on you even if all he did was talk (chit-chat about school, friends, TV, complained about the government, etc.) the way real barbers should. It was great – you were actually a real person and if you wanted to have a haircut like “the Ricker's”, or “Michael Knight’s man-fro” or somebody else - you could always count on Abe to do it (even if it wasn't exactly close).
It all ended when I was in High School, “Abe the Barber” died, it was depressing. His wife closed the shop and I was forced into Supercuts hell. I hated haircuts for the next 10 years.

Later, I became good friends with a gal who happened to cut hair, but at a “salon”. My wife and I love her, although I’m still not all entirely comfortable in a “salon”. Ya' know with women getting eyebrows done, pedicures, cheesy-techno playing in the background or 80’s light-hits like Peter Cetera playing overhead. I always feel like I’ve just put on a dress sitting there. It’s not bad, but just seems unnatural for a guy to be in such a place. But it’s a whole lot better than Nazi-cuts.

So I come across this – looks like some smart people have finally figured out guys do count and are finally getting places of their own. They’re sports themed for now (I’m not a sports-guy) but they do things like serve beer – how cool is that? Anyhow, if I were to open my own place it would be themed to more of a “The Rat Pack”-feel or something like that and it would be in a basement (like a speakeasy) with no windows in the front and serve cocktails like sidecars and whiskey-straight up (with waitresses in bunny outfits), and maybe have horseraces on the T.V.s’ with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin playing overhead. Oh yeah, and give good haircuts (that classic Cary Grant-handsome look) with old-school Barbers who do stuff like hot towel straight blade shaves while they sport slicked back hair and twirled mustaches themselves. A real man-man’s place. I’d go to a place like that any day.


MetroDad said...

Those type of places are popping in NYC. A few are great. Just like you described. Totally man-man's places. There's one that a few of my buddies go to that's in a basement. They have cold beers, scotch, vodka and olives. Old-school barbers. Pool table. Wood panelling. No women, Peter Cetera, or attitude allowed.

junebee said...

There's one here in Florida with a locker-room theme and scantily clad stylists. Don't know how it's doing - I don't know anyone that goes there.

I usually hate haircuts too because my hair is curly and not many stylists know how to cut it. It's either too short or they want to layer it, which I hate.

Waya said...

Dude~Fantastic Sam's ruined my hair when I was a senior in HS. How about a perm that lasted 3 years?

As for my hubbie, he's been going to this barber shop, Tony's, where you get this 60ish Italian guy (he might be another Abe) who's been doing this for over 30 yrs. We're screwed if he retires or you know, "kicks the bucket".

My hubbie has this Asian Afro going on, and it grows like weed, and for $12 you can't beat that!

CityMama said...

"The Ricker's?"


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

MetroDad - wow! a place without Peter Cetera...i never knew such a place existed.

CityMama - not for me! uh, for a 'friend'...

junebee said...

I think the demise of barbershops may be another casualty of the Feminazi era. Since women weren't usually part of the barbershop crowd, the barbershops had to go! Men were relegated to cheezy or trendy salons, side-by-side by women.

Other male-dominated organizations have fallen prey too, such as country clubs, gyms, etc.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

I would have to somewhat agree.

I think men's barbers's will eventually come back, slowly. As guys like myself need to sometimes just go a a "guy" place" on occasion. But I'm sure a woman or two (women studies college students) will be there, just to prove something. Maybe they could get a hot face shave with a straight blade razor too.

Mrs. Chicky said...

They serve beer? Can I get my hair cut there? My salon has old coffee.

My husband still goes to the barber that he went to when he was a kid. It takes him at least a half an hour to get there, but he refuses to give it up.

Ryan said...

I'm a "whatever is closest to my house" sort of guy, and for the time being, that happens to be Supercuts. I used to frequent a barber, but to be honest, it wasn't much of a difference. They haven't screwed me up too bad yet either, so I'm all good, and I would probably never spend more for a really nice barber man place.

Izzy said...

Man 'fro? lololol

I've been scalped a few too many times by Supercuts. Now I go to a real hairdresser and I love it. And a good barber is worth his weight in gold, IMO. Men shouldn't have to endure bad hair either!

Pickle's Papa said...

I just had a hot towel prepper straight razor shave on vacation to go with my soon to be interviewing haircut.

The haircut was awesome, and the shave reminded me that some of those modern conveniences, like the safety razor, were really good ideas . . . also band-aids. The less straight razors though, the less band-aids - so it's a trade off.

There has been a true process of immasculinization, but much as women had to face with the loss of feminine 'perks' i.e men opening doors, treating women like laidies, etc. - we as a gender have lost some of our 'mystique' in crossing over into the feminine as well i.e. getting excited about parenting, listening to wives opinions, respecting women as equals . . . y'know.

Angel Baby said...

Great idea, the man's salon thing. Beer is a great idea too. I occasionally get offered a glass of wine if I go to a nice place, but it's been a few years since I've been willing to cough up the bucks to do that.

I wanna see a pic of your new do.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

angel baby - I'll post a pict only when I get a man-fro.