Saturday, February 25, 2006

Being sick sucks (especially on the weekends)

So the mini has been perpetually sick since she got her first cold 3 weeks ago. It's not like she goes around touching public rails and sticks her hands in her mouth. Or goes to a big day-care where kids have constant runny noses and crusty bug’s on their faces. I'm convinced kids are virus magnets, they can sit in a bubble and somehow still get sick, and get mom and dad sick too (but even worse). Funny thing, I don't even remember getting this sick ever. Like aches, nose, throat, but no fever. I would go to the doctor but when the wife went the antibiotics did nothing. She was still sick for another week. I'm not into "voodoo" herbal remedies, but friends at work swear that something called "Airborne" works to fight this stuff (Even though Consumer Reports said it was more of a placebo), but something called White Tea seems to help. Anyway, this thing, whatever it is, better go away by Friday. That's when we go on vacation to Hawaii. Because there's nothing worse than being sick during your vacation.
  • Airborne: created by a 2nd grade school teacher (who's now rich)
  • eHow: How to Fight a Cold Naturally
  • About: Foods That Fight The Cold And Flu
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    IzzyMom said...

    As soon as I feel a scratchy throat coming on, I start taking extra zinc and vitamin C which is about the same as Airborne, and I have to say, it's minimized my usually killer bad colds so much. Now Hubz does it and he says it works for him, too. Not sure about dosing for children so I just load my daughter up with a multivitamin and extra C. I don't do anything for the baby but when he's older I will.