Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pay $1 to skip Gym class

Hey, that isn't such a bad deal? An article from the Washington Post tells about a Florida gym teacher who was charging kids $1 to skip gym. I wish this guy were teaching gym at my school when I was a kid. I absolutely HATED Gym class (or P.E. as it's called out here.) Such a waste of time, I got most of my exercise at recess playing real kid games like Dodge ball, Butt's Up, and 24-hour tag (or "You're It!"). Much better than playing crap like Basketball, Baseball, or Football (to this day I still don't understand the rules). I actually wrote forged notes saying I had asthma (on selected days when we played Basketball, Baseball, or Football). Yes, there's nothing like sitting on a bench chatting it up with the 2 asthma kids or the girl who had some operation. Good times.
  • Washington Post: Fla. Teacher Charged as Children Pay to Cut Gym
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