Monday, February 13, 2006

Vacation travels with an infant

My wife and I sure enjoy our vacations. That's the main reason why were sticklers with cash during the year (no Starbucks, eating out, DVD purchases, heat, cars with 4 wheels, etc) its the only thing we "splurge" on. We've been pretty adventurous and lucky in the past visiting places around the world like New Zealand, Tahiti, Japan, and Ohio (where, rumor has it, cannibal Amish reside). So when it came time to plan this year's vacation some family members were telling me it isn't safe to take a baby out of the country to a place like Fiji. For fear, I guess, of getting kidnapped by gypsies, TV show LOST, Iraqi insurgents infiltrating the island, or whatever craziness the 6 o'clock news scares them about. So we decided not to go, mainly because at 7-months she won't remember it much (We'll wait until she's 3). We're going to Kauai instead; we've never been to Hawaii. Cookie Magazine had a recommendation on a family friendly, non-commercial kind of place to stay called Waimea-Plantation that was dittoed by friends who have visited. So we're booked, ready to go in a few weeks. I hear McDonald's there has burgers made of Spam. That's funny, I thought they all did.
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